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A picture has just been taken of your exact mood. Without thinking terribly hard about it, describe exactly what this mood is, and a couple of factors determining it.

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  1. xuxE

    nervous excitement.
    film premiere this friday finally after 3+ years. big amazing live drag pre-show performance ends with me giving kick off speech before the film. just came home from rehearsal. no idea what i am going to say.

  2. killian

    A Complete Mess: I am sucking at life right now. But, as Scarlett always says, ‘tomorrow is anutha day.”

  3. monheric

    centered, with accents of soreness, excitement, edginess and a dash of grumpy.
    Lots of outside work waiting but I’m at my desk; rear-ended yesterday on the highway only 10 weeks after the last time someone hit me; boatload of spiritual growth.

  4. Anne

    Discouraged and tired. And pissed that I feel mired in those feelings! I think I need my thyroid levels re-checked, seriously. Blah.

  5. Amy S.

    1. Groggy (I cannot get on a good sleep schedule since the time change.)
    2. Apprehensive (What’s the likelihood that the Credit Union will help me prepare my taxes today? Free?)
    3. Relieved (I still have another week and a half of spring break.)
    4. Excited (Going to have a strategy session with a web marketer–no charge b/c he’s a friend of my ex!–and then get my 1983 on at the roller rink tonight.)

  6. Ehren

    Exhausted and with a gradually decaying satisfaction in my work-life balance, but pleased with my successes and focused on goals.

  7. a. nonny nonny

    Frustrated and self-flagellating. Taxes. Doing them myself – again – because I waited too long to find an accountant. Beating myself up because I waited to long to find an accountant despite saying – again – that ‘next year I’ll get an accountant!’ My returns have become far too complicated to do on my own. Been audited once already. My procrastination must end.
    On the other hand, had a great run last night during a driving rainstorm in Central Park. Felt truly alive. Would prefer to be in this mood than the tax mood.

  8. Julie

    Tired. I can never seem to get enough sleep no matter how many good intentions I may have. There is just too much to do and not enough time
    Nervous. We have decided to move. The thought of being house-poor is enough to give me ulcers. And then thinking about the actual moving process is so overwhelming. We have way too much junk.


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