0 thoughts on “d’yer mak’er

  1. Greg T.

    But that’s just the short form! I won’t believe it until you provide the REAL certificate. What are you trying to hide????

  2. cullen

    Great job Ian-cyclopedia Brown–all props to you. Of course, like Trump with ‘The Blacks’, you’ve always prided yourself on having a great relationship with ‘The Douchebags’–it’s just one faction of your broad base of friends.

  3. Caroline

    Nice. If you want a little honest gossip, my dad went to boarding school with him and he said that the Donald was a champion d-bag even then. He was not great in school, not athletic and not cool, but he did love to talk about his father the slumlord and how rich he was. He repeatedly got the shit kicked out of him, pretty deservedly– according to my dad, at least!


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