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So, easy code word question today: how long do you plan to live? In other words, when you look into the deep twilight of the end of your life, how old are you when it happens?

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  1. Scott

    Over 90 – still in good health. Can’t quite make out the candles on the last cake – could be 100?

  2. Amy S.

    The Lovell clan (Mom’s side) lives to about 90. Alzheimer’s, cancer. The Scotts drop off between 55 and 75. Cancer, more cancer. I take after my mom, mostly, so if I don’t get hit by that cross-town bus, I’ve probably got a while yet.

  3. CM

    I always evaluate my actions by thinking, “How will I feel when I look back on this when I’m 80 years old and dying.” So, 80. It will be weather-related (tornado or lightning).

  4. kevin from NC

    Not sure when it will be.. All of my grandparents save 1 died in their early 50s.. both of my parents are presently in the mid 80s and in good health save my mother’s Alzheimers(her mother and brother had it too).
    I suspect I will make it until close to 90… I just wonder if I will have the financial resources to make it that far. Right now my dad is laying out about $12K a month for their care in a retirement center.

  5. Julie

    As a child I wanted to live to 2076 to see the 300th celebrations of America. I will be 105. Assuming most of my faculties are still around (do not want to live many years with Alzheimers like my grandmother did), that is still my goal.

  6. GFWD

    Knowing me, when my time comes, I will have either just uttered, “hey y’all, look at this” or something even worse like, “oh yeah, what are YOU gonna do about it”. I hope I get to see grandchildren grow up.

  7. ginat

    I used to figure I’d live to mid-80’s or so (my Grandma was 82 when she died, and my mom’s currently in her 70’s). But then there’s my cancer history, so now I think it’s just a crapshoot.

  8. Carolyn

    104 or 105, maybe longer.
    It will be 2079 0r 2080.
    I’m resilient & stubborn as fuck, have an extremely hardy immune system, and I inherited my grandmother’s feisty batshit personality.
    I also dance, workout regularly, and eat well so I think my body will still be working fine for a long long time.

  9. wyatt

    18 months ago I had three grandparents in their mid-90s, and I’m down to one now. I probably should have started saving money earlier.

  10. amy a

    my relatives run the gamut on both sides as far as when they expired, anywhere from 42 (my maternal granddad, a doctor, slumped over his desk from a heart attack) to 90 something (my paternal great-granddad, an avid smoker and heavy drinker all his life)…so i could theoretically go anytime from like 7 to 55 years from now if you follow the relative time-line.
    i think i’ll be over 90. well, i hope. actually, i’d gladly lose a few years if it meant i was spared alzheimers, which is my grandma’s fate. i want to be one of those old ladies in her 90’s who still goes to book clubs and weeds the garden and waxes poetical about her trysts with legendary musicians.

  11. Ian

    quick note for those of you seeing this Friday morning… the blog server will be offline today starting at 10am PST (1pm PST) until the evening, going through its quadrennial service upgrade. So see you after the weekend!


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