anti-emetic gets an emoticon >:C~~~



and what did YOU do for the Memorial Day weekend?


we went to a fancy resort in Santa Barbara to see Michelle, Jon and baby Andrew!


(oh, and Daddo got strep for his birthday, and Lucy got a stomach virus and threw up for 24 hours, but it’s cool)

0 thoughts on “anti-emetic gets an emoticon >:C~~~

  1. CM

    Did you try Listerine? (JUST JOKING!) Seriously, so sorry that you guys are sick. Adorable pix, though.
    I played with my son all weekend and we did a lot of bonding. He said “Mama” a lot.
    Hey Michelle, when Andrew hits 4 months you can put him in an exersaucer and he won’t have to be held constantly! It’s amazing.

  2. Anne

    Oh, YUCK, about the strep and the stomach virus. Bummer. Ian, did you ever have your tonsils out?
    Baby Andrew is absolutely gorgeous and happy. He has that Williams look. (no offense to his dad!)

  3. Neva

    Ian, have you ever been tested for strep when you are well? You seem to get it so much I wonder if you are a strep carrier and no matter what you are sick with you will test positive for strep. Just a thought.
    Sorry you were both sick :(


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