i like it when you rub me the wrong way



Okay, so I’m packing for the summer and getting the house straight, so no regular blog today, but… BUT… if you’re willing to put up with some sub-par video and really crappy sound, I’ll go ahead and embed our Livestream video from the show last night at the Viper Room.

I will do so with the following disclaimers:

• it sounded much better in person. The vocals especially. Indistinguishable from this video, in fact. Ask anyone! Ask Tessa, she never lies.

• my mike worked in performance, but apparently not on the video until about 11:44, for the song “Iowa”.

• I need to work on my stage presence. Probably because I make my bass parts too hard, which means I need to concentrate on that.

• the video guy tends to zoom in on people at random.


So, for all 2 of you who might watch this (hi Mom!) (oh wait, she probably won’t either), here ’tis!

Watch live streaming video from viperroom at livestream.com

0 thoughts on “i like it when you rub me the wrong way

  1. carolyn

    a few things:
    1.) are you aware that the intro commercial video is for porkslap pale ale?
    2.) you are looking mighty fit and trim.
    3.) you still owe me coffee, you bastard.

  2. M

    Thanks for posting.
    From yesterday: “Laundry list” originated from a time when people sent their laundry out and needed to be able to account for every piece, both because everything was priced differently, and also because they wanted to ensure they got everything back. (You still have to do this if you ever want to do laundry in a hotel.) Hence, you had to make a notation of literally every piece, which is a PITA, hence laundry list became shorthand for everything you can think of.

  3. Neva

    I enjoyed it! My initial thoughts..
    the lead singer looks like Sheryl Crow (which is a good thing – who wouldn’t want to look like Sheryl Crow?) and she has a voice with nice character
    I like the Iowa song
    The one after it (be nice to me?) sounded like a Squeeze song, which is also a good thing
    You bass parts do look hard and there was at least once when I thought I heard a Johnny Quest bass line and I wanted to break into Power, Beats, Rhymes
    I wish I could understand the lyrics better (God, I sound like my mother) but they were catchy and I could dance to them!


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