gone are the spears, fled have the bison


It just having been Father’s Day, I am going to abdicate today’s entry to a code word question… dads, anonymously (or not) say the thing you most dislike about fatherhood, without fear of reprisal!

0 thoughts on “gone are the spears, fled have the bison

  1. monheric

    Nothing huge … just when “fatherhood” becomes something abstract instead of a relationship between two people.
    In real reality it is one of The Best parts of my life.
    Oh, and I don’t celebrate any holiday made law by Richard Nixon. :-)

  2. MyTwoCents

    If Dick did sign this one, he probably didn’t invent it, so you’re safe. I know there’s a myth that he signed Presidents’ Day into law. Anyway, I doubt it’s a federal holiday.
    Just wanted to say that because there are too many other things to blame/credit Tricky D for.

  3. Bananas

    I sat here for a long time thinking of what I might dislike, and there is just nothing.
    It’s not all fun and games, but the only things that even start to trend toward a negative are just part of the package – like the feeling of responsibility to be a good role model, the vague sense that I’m not doing enough (though objectively speaking I’m doing pretty well), the minor battles with my spouse about values/lessons/etc. But I don’t really dislike any of these things, they just aren’t the peaches and cream part of fatherhood. These parts feel kinda like household chores, you just gotta take care of them if you want to have your own house. It’s just part of the deal.


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