such a mean old man



Can somebody please tell me why this jerk is still on the Supreme Court? We always knew this self-loathing twit was certainly no legal genius, but the list of transgressions has gotten so long that the only honorable thing for him to do is resign, gather up his Tea Party wife, and park himself in Wyoming where he can no longer use his merciless legal briefings to torture the downtrodden Americans least able to fight back.

Of course, every attack on Clarence Thomas only makes him worse; he ingests criticism the way Voldemort slurps unicorn blood in the first “Harry Potter” novels. Right-wingers say that progressives have sour grapes because he’s not like his predecessor, Thurgood Marshall. Even mentioning Marshall in the same sentence as Thomas sets the civil rights movement back five minutes, in my opinion, but that’s not why I loathe Clarence Thomas. I despise him because he’s a bully and a dick.

Whether his persecution complex started – or was merely solidified – by his now-obviously-perjurious testimony in the Anita Hill case, he hides behind judicial robes he’s not fit to wear. He now says an attack on him is actually an attack on the Supreme Court itself, which shows a stupefying level of self-importance, and a fundamental disregard for how this country works.

I remember 20 years ago right now, sitting at the counter at Spanky’s in Chapel Hill eating a burger, watching the confirmation hearings on the TV above the bar. I was thinking “Geez, that guy so obviously did it, but he’s going to be confirmed anyway, and we might as well get used to it…”

Actually, I was 23, so I was probably really thinking “howmuchisthisburgergoingtocost-IwonderifDillonFenceisplayingtonight-jesusthatchickis hot-howthefuckamIgonnapayrent-IhopeEricMontrossrocks-jesusthatotherchickishot” but then eventually got to “we might as well get used to it and see what kind of Justice this Clarence Thomas cat is.”

So he’s had 20 years, and now we know. He’s a terrible Justice. He is mean person. He is stunningly incurious. He’s an ethical disaster. The Supreme Court has nine members out of an American population of 310 million. This is the best we can do?

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  1. Mom

    Why would anyone compare him to Marshall? Because he’s black? At this point, the only issue of his blackness is that he was chosen for the court *because* of his blackness, and confirmed because so many looked the other way rather than appear racist. If he had been white, he would have been tossed in a nanosecond.
    I never wanted him on the court, and now would like him tossed off, because he is not only mean and has so many conflicts of interest and all the rest. I want him off because he is an inferior legal mind. Ian said it all, black white or purple, “is this the best we can do?”


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