scratchin’ ass, takin’ names


Okay folks, git outta your summer doldrums!

What the hell are you doing this weekend?


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  1. Greg T.

    Fri night: Hang with Friends
    Sat AM: Pick up wife & son from Cub Scout camp
    Sat PM: Block Party
    Sun: Relax – probably go swimming and take a hike – play with son
    Mon day: Pool Party
    Mon night: Fireworks at the High School
    Pretty pedestrian, but I like it.

  2. jje

    My biggest plan for the weekend is that after almost 30 years, I am finally meeting my penpal from Sweden! We started writing each other in the fifth grade – her brother was an exchange student who spoke to my class and I asked in my thank you letter if his sister would be my penpal – and wrote all the way up through college. Somehow we lost track of each other at that point, but though the miracle of Facebook, she found me. (I had hunted for her for ages but her name in Sweden is the equivalent of John Smith here. Thankfully my maiden name is fairly unusual in the US.)
    At any rate, she is bringing her family here for a jaunt down the east coast to reconnect with various friends and she’s making a stop in Charlotte for two days. I can’t believe this is finally happening. We just missed each other in the 11th grade when she was an exchange student in Virginia and I was doing the same in France (her brother inspired me as a fifth grader to set that goal – I owe him a huge debt of thanks). They’re even staying with us, which should be fun. I told my husband, “Really, when have you ever heard anything about Swedish serial killers? All Sweden has ever unleashed on us is the Muppet chef, Stefan Edberg and Ikea.” (I decided not to mention The Girl With The Dragon Tatttoo.)
    Only real plans are a family cookout at my dad’s lake house, our neighborhood 4th of July parade, and going to our swim club.

  3. Amy S.

    My dad and I are driving for two days back down south. No canoe strapped to the car on this leg, thank god. For a recap of the trip north, go here:
    On Saturday, I’m going to a wedding at which I will know exactly ONE person, the groom. Why? Why did I say I would go? Maybe I’ll have a wild liaison with a dude who seems too good and I’ll reject him because he doesn’t understand that I’m broken, but he’ll want me anyway and pursue me and right when he gives up I’ll realize he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me and chase him down and offer some treacly speech during which there’ll be a moment when I don’t think he’s going to bite, but then he does and everything’s groovy e’ermore.
    Most likely I’ll just eat too much cake and go home feeling bloated and lonely.
    Not sure what the Fourth looks like yet. Hopefully, fire-worky and hot doggy.

  4. Claverack Weekender

    * Figuring out how to hang up my new 8 by 12 foot flag.
    * Vermont Symphony Orchestra with fireworks, please no rain!
    * Grilling.

  5. Salem's Little Sister

    I’ll be wishing we were at jartacular with you guys! Alas, the budget didn’t permit it this year and we’re sticking the the whole “live within your means” thing like grown ups do. Sometimes it sucks to be a grown up.
    Happy 4th friends!!

  6. amy a

    alas, like salem’s little sister, my budget couldn’t manage both a bff’s wedding in LA and jartacular :( wish i could be celebrating with y’all…
    instead, i shall be making and delivering delicious adult beverages for dollahs, holla!
    amy s., you rock my world.

  7. Early-bird

    Friday; massage after work, then yoga.
    Saturday; clean house, yoga, then tea with preggers friend.
    Sunday:yoga, then CRAZY-ASS 10th annual party with D&L, including sparkler races, LOTS of wine and some wild dancing!! Hurray!!

  8. Lee

    Wheeling Suz to the pool after knee surgery with Anna laughing it’s not her in the stroller. Those things have a weight limit?
    Wish with yall!!!


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