yay extruded corn meal and injected frosting


Gentle readers, I will be taking the next four days to celebrate how much I love being a pinko commie pill-popping leftist stooge pearly pink pussy freakshow. See you all on Tuesday after I recharge my wits, and get back to writing needlessly profane and annoyingly contrarian prose on these pages. Go America, but mostly, Go Heels.

0 thoughts on “yay extruded corn meal and injected frosting

  1. Anne

    Dear Ian: ENJOY!
    If you are having the weather we’ve been having in RI, it will be easy to relax. It’s better than therapy over here, I swear.

  2. Annie H.

    Greatest joy to be with y’all. You just gave me hysterical (again) reminding me of pink pearly pussy! Holy crap!

  3. Neva

    I was just in the gym locker room where they had Fox news on the TV and the “news” segment was all about how “democrats don’t believe in 4th of July” based on some stupid poll one of them did of political party of the people who attend 4th of July parades. I bet it wasn’t the Carrboro 4th of July parade! So I guess you and I will have to find something else to do today? Have fun, fellow pinko commie!


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