time to play b-sides


God knows I like to come back from vacations with a epistolary bang for your internet dotage, but I’m typing this with one hand. Usually when you’re only using one hand on the internet, you’re having more fun, but this time it’s because I have 2nd-degree burns on my other thumb and forefinger.

I was driving a 12-inch lag bolt through some pressure-treated wood (which is also something that usually means having more fun) and I was checking the exposed bit to see if it was sturdy. I forgot that twisting metal through wood at a bunch of RPMs per second would heat up the bolt, and within milliseconds I was on the ground, writhing.

Back to Advil and more thought experiments on enduring pain.

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  1. Lurker Ann

    Remember that your body produces endorphins naturally, which are a powerful pain reliever. Don’t know how you conjure them up though, but staying as relaxed as possible always helps.


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