amethysts from the shallow mines


I’m sitting here jetlagged back in California, so tired I cannot sleep, but I want to add a few comments to the problems raised in Friday’s blog. If I were to give snap advice, here’s what’d come out:

Anne: Have I ever known exactly what you do? If not, shame on me, but post what kind of gig you’re looking for in the comments section so that the binary karma can be sent out hither and yon. Also, if you’re planting tomatoes and it’s not too late to start a couple more, I have some rare heirloom seeds I can send.

The Red Dragon: Congrats on losing all that weight, which is very hard to do and commendable in itself. At the very least, you now owe it to yourself to have a sit-down with your partner and discuss why he/she is making you insane – otherwise you will “move on” emotionally without even knowing it, and it’ll absolutely be over.

CM: Excellent news about your book, and just having the temerity to say out loud that it “may be a piece of crap” gives it excellent odds of not being that at all. And go into your family stuff, what’s up?

Lurker Ann: My sister Michelle is in the exact same position and just went back to work last week – I’m sure you could exchange notes. I can’t fathom the experience of going back to work so quickly after childbirth; every country in Europe seems to be so much more humane about maternity (and paternity!) leave…

LFMD: I’m with Carolyn, fucking grab that job if you can! You have spent enough years in the “waking sleep of constant habit” (thank you, “My Dinner With AndrĂ©”) and it’s time to pull back the elastic and shoot forward.

xuxE: Excited about you coming to LA… will we see you? And your son’s violin success warms my heart; that’s how I got into every college I applied to, y’know.

Carolyn: People, have you ever met or seen Carolyn? She’s a firestorm of awesome, and not to be sexist, she’s also old-fashioned hot. In any other economy, she’d be turning down sub-par offers, but the country is currently stuck in pancake syrup. Darlin’, can you use the comments section about what you want outta life, and link to a good picture for the odd casting directors out there?

kevin from NC: I just cannot believe the two years you’ve had. First the bike shop and now this – I can only tell you that yes, by all measures, this is an absolutely terrible chapter in your history. We can bear witness to that. I can also say there will be many more chapters, and you possess a resiliency that reminds me of someone else who is on this blog a lot (chime in if you know who you are). The cool thing about deserving better is that 79% of the time you end up getting it.

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  1. CM

    And maybe just like Ann may find a new job here, Kevin will find a new love interest someday among the readers of this blog? It could happen.
    “And go into your family stuff, what’s up?”
    Awww, thanks. That’s really sweet. But…can’t do it here. Maybe someday.
    Glad that Carmageddon wasn’t so bad (yet).

  2. LFMD

    Hey! I didn’t expect to get a response. Thanks! I will keep you posted. Will you be dispensing advice each week? I would like that.

  3. carolyn

    oh wow, thanks, ok, here goes my request:
    the ideal situation: stable client or employer who I help manage their finance/operations. In other words, anything that touches the P&L crosses my desk. I budget, I forecast, I revise/handle contracts, I set rates, I do profitability analysis, I spot cost/process/expense inefficiencies with a blink. I hustle deals, find creative solutions, and my favorite part of work is working with awesome people and creating situations where everyone wins. I oversee or I will do the payables/receivables myself (usually in larger ops there is a dedicated a/r or a/p clerk but I’m fine doing it myself) The creative or business owner just needs to focus on doing their CRAFT, I will handle the hard conversations involving contracts and money and keeping the lights on and I do it efficiently, in a timely manner, and with love and joy for entrepreneurs and creatives and getting and keeping your business to maximum profitability status. I LOVE THIS WORK.
    I also need a life and a creative life to thrive. Work is work and I get it done but no suited up corporate 12 hours days for me. Acting, dance, art is my OXYGEN. I need it in my life to be able to be best at the nuts and bolts finance stuff. Its balance, people. Cut that out of my life and suppress it because of the thought that finance people can’t be good AND be ARTISTS is anathema. I cloak my creative side effectively when I’m in finance mode but I don’t want to lie about that indie film I’m in, or whatever stage effort I make, or be denied the ability to bounce out at lunch to get to that audition callback for a national commercial.
    I’m structured, methodical and stable in my work. I live and die by my ical and if its in there, it gets done. Usually before deadline. I will do whatever it takes to make sure the finance/operations are covered.
    this life in la has not been easy…to survive and make rent one has to work and it has been at the expense of creative life and love too many times.
    my acting type- satan in a suit, business owner/lawyer, period pieces, supernatural. age range: mid twenties to early thirties. my main pic is the agency choice.

  4. Anne

    Whoa, Carolyn — You are stunning and definitely a “type”. A prettier version of Sela Ward, maybe. Hang on to the acting dream, girl.
    Ian, bless your heart. I’m a career writer/editor in both journalism (features mostly) and public relations (higher ed). I have to find a job in Rhode Island because we aren’t letting go of this house anytime soon. Boston is tempting (so many cool jobs open there) but I have two dogs at home and, during the academic year, no one else to care for them, so I’m staying local even though I know it’s going to mean a big income cut from what I was making in June 2010 just before my previous job ended. (Read: Was eliminated for “budget reasons,” also known as age/salary discrimination, but my exit agreement won’t let me say that. Oops, did I just say that? hah)
    I am a really good copyeditor and line editor, I can do message development and communications strategy, I’m a wonderful writer (pats self on back) but not so great as a freelancer because I’m a procrastinator when it comes to writing. Still, I’m doing a bit of it now. I’ve been thinking of polishing a small collection of my better blog essays and trying to shop them around — I know, what an original idea, NOT. But still. The material is there, I think some are worthy. We’ll see.
    Thank you so much for asking. I am geographically and age-challenged in this job market (have you seen the economic stats for Rhode Island?), but have gotten over my brief depressive episode in late spring and am ready to throw myself at work again.

  5. tregen

    I couldn’t tell for sure from your earlier post if you are an attorney. You mention clients needing “legal” work. We may be hiring another attorney at our firm soon given our work/client load continues to grow.
    All those looking for jobs…I know it is tough out there. I am constantly amazed at the number and quality of folks applying for jobs they are far to qualified for but don’t give up! While we have been slowly hiring we have added a couple of associate positions this year as well as several staff spots and I don’t think we are alone in this type of hiring. We recently hired an associate who, after her interview, sent in a marketing plan and case management strategy because those topics were raised in the interview. She impressed us with her tenacity and was hired. Hope everyone finds what they are looking for.

  6. carolyn

    I have been and am a finance manager AKA business manager. I would report up to a CFO and be on level with a controller. I had 6 hours of credit of law for my masters in accounting/finance but I’m not a lawyer. In a law office, my place would be in the overhead support function of accounting. I did a similar function for a PR agency where it is also all about billable hours. thanks for the thought.
    Anne, thank you, you are very sweet. ;)

  7. tregen

    Unfortunately, I don’t think we would have a fit right now but we have several clients in the LA region (LA, OC, etc) who are occassionally in need of folks with your skill set / educational background. If you are interested you can send your resume to me and I will circulate to those attorneys in our office who have clients who may have a need. Ian can give you my email address which I believe he should be able to access.


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