the ornithischia shoulda seen it comin


Lucy’s Obsessions, 2011

1. dinosaurs

2. Pangaea

3. “So You Think You Can Dance”

4. tomato seedlings

5. the “fairy telephone”

6. her cousin Marlena

7. the robot dance

8. the Gobi Desert

9. “Loca” (Spanish version) – Shakira

10. monkey bars

Lucy’s Top 10 Favorite Dinosaurs

1. Brachiosaurus

2. Amargasaurus

3. Diplodocus

4. Triceratops

5. Zigongosaurus

6. Coelophysis

7. Lambeosaurus:


8. Parasaurolophus

9. Stegosaurus

10. Quetzalcoatlus

Worst Conversation Topics According to My Daughter and Her Stuffed Giraffe “Necky”:

1. thumbtacks

2. salad

3. old weather

4. getting “sworded” with swords

5. dirty napkins

6. traffic

7. how a kilometer isn’t really half a mile, and how a meter isn’t really a yard

8. splinters

9. conditioner

10. farts


Teddy and Necky discuss the Chrysler Building, March 2011

10 thoughts on “the ornithischia shoulda seen it comin

  1. Kjf

    I’m sure you already know this but just in case you don’t – there is a dinosaur exhibit that just opened in LA. (I was there last week and saw the ads in the paper and immediately thought of Lucy.). Hope it’s good.

  2. Chip

    So pleased that brachiosaurus made number since there is as sculpture of one 400 feet from my front door

  3. Lee

    Anna’s number one is the brachiosaurus, too. Is there something special on The Dinosaur Train about that guy?

  4. Lee

    And I’m really with Lucy on the whole Kilometer/mile, Meter/yard thing. Drives me nuts, too. Love you, Lulu!

  5. Joanna

    “sworded by swords” reminds me of a conversation with my son about the profound difference between being knifed and being spooned!

  6. Ian

    Old weather is weather that is NOT what is outside right now, nor is it weather to be; it is weather from days past that wasn’t very interesting to begin with.
    It came from an old show on the Weather Channel I told Lucy about – it was called “Weather Rewind”, and it recapped the weather from last week all over the country. Simply put, the most rivetingly boring minutes ever aired on television. She was utterly confused as to why anyone needed to know last week’s weather, and I was at a loss to explain it.


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