uranus in retrograde, oh yeah


ZOINKS! Catastrophic failure of my main hard drive in the laptop AND complete screen freeze and quasi-bricking of my smartphone AND the wifi in our house is on the fritz… I am facing almost complete techno fail.

If it weren’t for the hand-crank on this old Model A giving my telegraph juice, and a kindly sharecropper’s family giving me copper wire for a dipole antenna over this abandoned train station, I don’t know how I could have sent you this missive.

Oh the hubris! Oh the unbridled faith I had in my gadgetry! How was I to know a few dangling electrons would have brought this whole house-a-cards tumbling down!

No more of this nanofoolery for me; no more cowering at the whim of a few light-speed transconnections. It’s back to the plow! It’s back to the pumpkins, the Atlantic Giants, the fields of self-pollinating fruit. It’s back to the tomatoes, the heirlooms, the Brandywines, the Pink Bulgarians, the Zogola and Cherokee Chocolate.

Keep your code, I’ve got cow dung, and taking orders.

One thought on “uranus in retrograde, oh yeah

  1. GFWD

    Hey, on the bright side, at least you can get the new Apple operating system. I just installed LION this morning. So far, so good.

  2. Piglet

    So goodbye youtube upload
    Where the trolls of society prowl
    You can’t keep me on your pentium
    I’m going back to my plow


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