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I know full well that this is the sort of blog entry that makes those people without kids want to roll their eyes, put their finger in their mouth and pretend to blow their brains out – especially on big news days (we move to LA and frickin’ NYC gets an earthquake?!?) – but TOO BAD!

I shan’t bore you with the details of how Lucy’s first tooth began to wiggle, and how it finally fell out tonight, and how she and Tessa freaked out so much that they lost it on the carpet, only to find it again when all hope was lost… but I will say this. She put it inside her Carolina pillow – the one with a tiny pocket – with a letter she wrote to the Tooth Fairy.

We can’t remember which one of you awesome folks sent us that pillow when she was a newborn, but she has been waiting for this day for years. Tonight, after Tessa slipped a little note in there (and I added a copper tuppence left over from the Kensington tube stop), it took all of my careful energy to turn her over to get this picture. She had been clutching it all night long, with both hands, tucked under her head.


Yes, being a parent turns you into a sap who can no longer do Rumplemintz shots on a Tuesday night, but [insert *sigh* here] it comes highly recommended.

0 thoughts on “delivery, please sign here

  1. savannah turner

    Awwww…..future Carolina girl!!! We must purchase the pink house for this child n my god daughters!!!!!

  2. Salem

    Will someone please hold my Rumplemintz, I need to dry my eyes. It’s bad enough Lillie-Anne has grow up, not your Lucy too.

  3. jersey

    Such a great moment for a kid!
    My youngest of three lost his first tooth two weeks ago.
    It feels like yesterday he was born on April 4, 2005.
    A day that started with a new baby boy, and ended with Roy cutting down the nets in St. Louis.
    That was a really good day.

  4. emma

    And before you blink your eyes, your oldest will be starting middle school tomorrow. He will have lost two teeth in the last month and you (and he, oops, i mean she) won’t even remember to put the teeth under their pillow.
    They grow up so fast!!!


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