“come on irene” insulting to eileens, film at 11


Boy, what a great day to try and fly to NYC! WHOO-HOO!!!

Got bumped to tomorrow’s (today’s) flight, which may get us in under the wire Irene-wise, but will tell the story later.

In the meantime, code word question accidentally courtesy of my mom, who asked this rhetorical question about livin’ in New York City this week:

Earthquake and now this hurricane. Don’t these sorts of things come in threes? What’s left?

I said “plantar fasciitis”. What about you?

0 thoughts on ““come on irene” insulting to eileens, film at 11

  1. emma

    Earthquake and hurricane are numbers 2 and 3. The first was the lowered credit rating of the US causing the stock market to dive earlier this month.
    Be thinking of those of us in eastern NC tomorrow as we take the first hit from Irene hopefully taking some wind out of her sails before she hits NYC.

  2. Greg T.

    Bronchitis hit all three members of our household this week, so that’s my answer. All recovering very well, thank you for asking!

  3. Jody

    Flew to Colorado on Tues after being stuck on tarmac during quake as NWK was closed. Supposedly flying back tomorrow, but aapparently not making it back til Thurs as all flights are booked solid.That’s all I have to say. Thought you’d like to know.


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