anatomy of a letdown


The Last Four Days: A Pictorial History


Lucy walks Lily before our flight to NYC


flight delayed, Lily rides it out on Doggie Xanax


flight canceled. Frequent Flier lounge men’s room features gold piping against black porcelain


finally arrive in Queens the next day – we’re 24′ high here at Sean’s, but decide to evacuate anyway (East River Hell Gate in background)


Sean cleans the gutters atop his house before deluge (basement still floods a little)


upstate, everybody (my mom, Marlena, Lindsay and Dana pictured) ate under the ubiquitous Weather Channel


we picked all the vegetables and fruit before the storm


waters rise


the eye passes over our farm, but no wind yet – we allow Lucy and Barno a few minutes outside


hours after the “storm” is through, winds rise and we lose power – saving backup batteries by using candlelight


like I told Lucy, the day after a hurricane is always gorgeous

0 thoughts on “anatomy of a letdown

  1. cd

    The day after a hurricane is always glorious, even with the ensuing yard work. That pic of Lily is hilarious. I wish Eleanor would zonk out like that instead of worrying about traffic and whining about how much the price of tolls has gone up. And drooling, of course.

  2. Joanna

    caveman, my dog has a Xanax Rx, too, and in reading about it I happened upon the interesting fact that there is no separate manufacturer for veterinary purposes. Lily could have helped quell everyone’s flying and hurricane anxiety!
    Ian, does Lily ride in a carrier under the seat? We adopted a 13 lb terrier last year and I’ve been curious how well that works. Please report, if you have a chance!

  3. Ian

    heya Joanna, yes, Lily rides under the seat and seems to be just fine, although I’d say anything over 14 pounds would be pushing it (Lily is 11-12 lbs).


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