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Normally I’d never post such a bizarrely unflattering shot of yours truly – even though I gave up the quest for cool years ago, I still possess shreds of vanity – but this was too much to pass up. The bug bite (or shrapnel from a Dremel, or whatever the hell caused it) became a staph infection that landed me in the hospital, looking vaguely like a tree-dweller in “Avatar”.


This pic doesn’t show how bad it got eventually got, but for those who know me, you know I don’t fucking look like that. I was quite intrigued about how even small changes around your eyes can make you look like you come from a completely different family.

For her part, Lucy was psyched that I finally looked like her current cultural crush, Bear Grylls, particularly when he got stung by those bees. As long as I’m still cool to the Lulubeans (and don’t lose my Bactrim), I think I’ll be okay.

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  1. GFWD

    Did you get a tail, too? What did the docs say about the root cause of the infection? We had a lot of side bets as to whether it was a spider or something like that. Who won?

  2. karin

    I had my nose packed after a deviated septum surgery. I could not stop looking at myself in the mirror – it was me, but not me. Just widening my nose changed everything about my face – I could imagine a whole ‘nother ancestry and life story.

  3. Neva

    oooh… MRSA. I actually thought of that when I saw it but was afraid it would freak you out too much if I mentioned it. We see a lot of that where I work.
    It’s everywhere. I had a friend who recently was in the hospital with a similar bump on her face that became periorbital MRSA which is very dangerous. Glad you don’t need longterm IV antibiotics!

  4. John Galt

    Wow has that photo creeped me out. I’d suggest that you not make a self-photography blog of xtcian, but you might do just that to drive/keep me away.


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