if you’re not into yoga


Okay, circadian rhythms are forcing me into a code word question right now, so I’ll with one of my favorites from yesteryear: what the hell are you wearing RIGHT NOW?


among other things, I’m actually wearing this shirt from three years ago

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  1. Salem's Little Sister

    Red football t-shirt from my high school, grey Carolina sweatshirt, blue and white striped pj bottoms.
    FYI – it’s my 20th high school reunion this weekend! Class of 91′ rules!!

  2. Josie

    This requires no brain power in the a.m.; Thank You. Blue Batik T-shirt (from Batik Creations on Etsy – check ’em out!), crap-brown capris and sandals. Need more coffee.

  3. kent

    I’m wearing a Pierre Henry T Shirt and no pants. Just got up.
    Pierre Henry is a pioneer of Musique Concrète. Audiodamage.com did it, and a Delia Derbyshire shirt as well.

  4. Scott

    King of boring here – Brooks Brothers blue pants, brown belt, brown shoes, Brooks Brothers window pane non-iron shirt (small window panes, blue lines on a white shirt). But it is during the work day and I am in a law office, so maybe relatively speaking, I’m a full-on Rebel!

  5. michelle

    Nighgown, yoga pants, fleece booties, and a Medela hands-free electronic dual breast pump. I bet I’m the only one “wearing” that at the moment.

  6. Megan

    When I first read this, I was wearing the men’s boxer shorts and wifebeater I slept in, but now I’m at work and decked out in librarian finery to have lunch with a Big Famous Writer: vintage dress with a knife-pleated skirt and a little black cardigan.

  7. tanya

    Funny you should ask today. I’m wearing a black Tahari suit w/white piping. But it’s a pants suit, and I can count on one hand how many times this year I’ve worn pants. I always wear either a skirt or dress – even on weekends. I guess I’m just super-girlie.
    Hey, SLS!! My 20-year reunion was last weekend – total blast!!! Hope you have a great time!

  8. Kelly

    Hemmed dark denim short jean shorts, bare feet, hipster-esque peach T-shirt with doves and roses in black print, my dark hair in a pony tail. Accompanied with a glass of Argentinian wine, double cream brie, Irish Soda Bread my Irish Mother baked today, and half ignoring the ruckus of a soccer game going on in the hallway — I should really break it up and chase 3 kids to bed, but eh… it’s Friday. Have a good weekend all!

  9. Anne

    Black slacks, cream sleeveless blouse with pleated ruffle in front, and earrings. Bare feet (ahhhh). A blazer hangs nearby.
    Did I mention I got a fabulous new job? My title, no kidding, is…. *drumroll*….. Vice President – Editing and Writing.
    So I had to upgrade my wardrobe to business NOT-casual. :-)


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