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Okay, I just spent three hours trying to find this girl on Facebook, or anywhere, really.

How do people just not exist online? And this whole “changing your last name when you get married” thing is a drag for old friends, dammit! Do you ladies ever feel compelled to list yourselves as FirstName MaidenName MarriedName just so you can be found?

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  1. litlnemo

    I admit that was one of the things that prevented me from changing my name, eventually. I’ve done enough genealogy and seen how women’s names changing made it difficult to find their origins sometimes, as if they never existed before the wedding.
    But I was going to change mine. Because of a paperwork snafu, I could not, and then once that got straightened out, I decided I didn’t really want to lose my identity like that.
    As it turned out, I guess that was a good decision. Unfortunately.

  2. CM

    I loved that entry. I go by my maiden name on Facebook so old friends can find me, and because it’s my writing name and I want my readers to find me too. It was just a decade ago that if you lost contact with someone, you pretty much never found out what happened to them.

  3. kent

    There are people who are stubbornly pre-digital, even amongst your cohort. To find these people, one would have to resort to old-school techniques.
    Have you contacted Norfolk Academy? They would know things like what college she attended. And if you contacted her college, they keep really good track of alumni. National white page searches are a good start, unless she was named Jane Johnson or something like that.
    Not everyone wants to be on Facebook, or Friendster, or whatever. A lot of people heed the privacy warnings about on line persona.

  4. AJay

    I’m still surprised at some of the people from my high school graduating class that don’t have any online presence. They were outgoing, bright individuals, and now, 20 years later, they’ve disappeared. I did manage to find one guy on LinkedIn, another via his sister on Facebook, and another through another friend on Facebook.

  5. jje and jfje

    I list myself as jfje on Facebook because I moved my maiden name to my middle (dropping my middle) and added my stepfather and mother’s last name as my new last name after college (long story). My original maiden name is quirky enough that it helps pre-college graduation friend’s find me, so there it is on FB, making me look like Elizabeth Taylor Jr. ;-)
    But in real life, I’m simply jje and proud to share the same last name as my husband and children.

  6. jp

    This lady didn’t change her name at all. I’m sticking my tongue out at your question.
    There are a few folks (men, actually) I haven’t been able to find online. But they’re guys with pretty common names, or, in one case, the same name as someone who is famous. So if my friend is there, he’s buried behind the famous fiddler.

  7. Anne

    I listed myself that way (first maiden married) on Facebook so friends from high school and college could find me, not to mention distant relatives.


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