milk thistle, nettles, & B12



What supplements do you take, and what is your stated reason for taking each?

You can define supplements however you want, but I think you get the idea, yes?


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  1. Amy S.

    I take a whole shit-ton of amino acids (l-cysteine, l-lysine, 5-htp, mucuna pruriens, etc.) for my depression. They’re the only thing I’ve found that helps without any side effects, except emptying my wallet. The whole saga is on my blog.

  2. JohnH

    I drink a (whey) protein powder shake after working out. I done necessarily buy that it’s building more strength or muscle, but I’ve found I’m less sore the following day.
    And for a week or two, I’ve been trying melatonin for sleep. So far, I sleep more soundly through the night.

  3. Kaarin

    I take a multivitamin that has iron and calcium in it, but the more I read and work on health/science stories, the more I suspect it is a waste of money, especially now that I eat more veggies. I might be able to get away with just taking iron. I’ll see what the doctor says about it next time. I also had been taking Vitamin D on my doctor’s recommendation, but need to ask her about that, too, since new research has cast doubt on the previous conventional wisdom about when to supplement. And I take ginger for seasickness!

  4. Ehren

    I take a multivitamin, because I really don’t count on my diet being awesome enough (pop tart dinner between work and class last night, for example) to give me everything I need.

  5. Tanya

    I, too, am like Peter (and Kevin, apparently). Nothing here. Not even a multivitamin. But my dad is constantly pushing some pill or the other on me. He has all sorts of health issues that could easily be solved by losing some weight and getting some exercise. Classic case of someone looking for a miracle pill.
    (sorry, did I hijack your Q&A??) ;)

  6. dct

    None. Honestly, my biggest struggle is making myself drink enough water. I feel really crappy if I don’t and great when I do.

  7. kent

    First off, if you take supplements massively in excess of the RDA you’re doing it wrong.
    Second there is a hierarchy of supplements; there are ones that are probably good for everyone to take some of, to some you might as well buy and throw right in the trash for all the good they do. Best to worst:
    Vitamin D and Calcium — getting enough calcium is essential if you don’t want to collapse like a cheap folding chair when you get old. People who don’t eat dairy, or make eat a pound of Kale a day (that’s what it would take to get the RDA) probably should be supplementing with Calcium.
    And Vitamin D is needed to properly metabolize Calcium. That’s why a lot of Calcium supplements also have D. And like Calcium it is a substance many Americans are deficient in, and the health consequences of insufficient D are dire.
    B and C — meh, if you eat a varied diet not needed, and you piss away what your body doesn’t use. They’re also cheap, and might be helpful if you’re eating a calorie restricted diet. It’s very difficult to plan a sub 2K Calorie daily diet that fully supplies water-soluable vitamins.
    Iron — too much is actually poisonous, and Iron pills turn your poop to rocks. If you have anemia or some other documented Iron deficiency, it’s probably a good idea to eat high-iron foods, because they’re much more digestible.
    Other minerals — mineral deficiencies other than Iron and Calcium are very rare in the US. And most are toxic in excess. You can get enough of most of them just by eating plenty of vegetables.
    Vitamin E — basically you need some, but all the claims for large amounts of E have been debunked. It’s also expensive, and is probably a waste of money. The best use Ive found is to buy the liquid and smear it on cuts as they heal.

  8. chip

    Is bourbon a supplement?
    Serious answer: I take a Vitamin D pill every day because my D level was low at my last physical.

  9. Sarah

    A multi-vitamin for general health and ~ 1mg of folic acid for a blood disorder that causes anemia.
    Occasionally I take melatonin, but only when I’m stressed out and worried that I won’t be able to fall asleep.

  10. Anne

    Late to the party yet again. I hate that I can’t read blogs at my new job! GOD… they make us actually WORK at that place.
    1) Old-lady multivitamin (which they’re now saying can kill me sooner; jeez)
    2) Fish oil capsules (those suckas are HUGE)
    3) One of those yogurt-type cultures in capsule form
    4) Baby aspirin
    I also eat a Chobani Greek yogurt every morning. Yummy!


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