the simplicity of flintstones chewables


As you have showed me yours, I will show you mine; these are the supplements I’m currently taking based on scientific evidence and strong research recommendations from my doctor(s):


• Omega 3 Fish Oil – The new research has made my normally mild-mannered psychopharmacologist truly excited. There is ever more increasing evidence that Omega 3 not only helps with basic heart health, but depression as well. Omega 3 has both EPA and DHA as active ingredients, and EPA is the important one for depression. You want a supplement that will give you at least 1000mg of EPA a day, even if it means taking 2-3 big softgels. I use this brand because it’s the most potent.

• Vitamin B2 – Also known as Riboflavin. Tessa attended a conference a few months ago that delved into adult fatigue and lethargy. Which, of course, is ironic given that she suffers neither – but she brought the research home and I’ve acted on it.

A number of doctors have uncovered evidence that much of the over-the-top tiredness that some of us suffer comes from a slight mitochondrial impairment at the cellular level. Basically, our mitochondria (the battery of our cells) aren’t producing the energy they should. After running a number of tests and trials over the last few years, they now recommend some specific supplements that have helped patients enormously. One of them is B2, and another is…

• Co-Q10 – This one helps blood pressure as well, but if you’re in it for the lethargy game, two different doctors told me you should take at least 400mg/day, which is why I’ve been busting the 600.

• NAC – In the “two birds, one stone” department, NAC (N-Acetylcysteine) not only solves the “antioxidant” requirement for the mitochondria treatment, but it has shown to be effective in mental health as well. Awesomeballs!

• Niacin – Since my cholesterol crept over 200 last year, I’ve started on this. Lots of research back it up, and the “no-flush” version won’t make you turn red with sweat about 15 minutes after taking it.

• Vitamin D (not pictured) – A no-brainer at this point, especially since I’m a redhead living in LA, I never go out in the sun. I don’t take much Vitamin D, just a nip.

You may also see a jar of Creatine Monohydrate in the back, which is also a mitochondrial suggestion, but I keep forgetting to use it because it comes in a powder. There’s something about mixing a powder into a drink… if it’s not Strawberry Quik, I don’t get the point.

Might someone be reading this, 50 years from now, and react the same way we look at old ads for asbestos? Perhaps, but we are doing the best we can with the info we’ve got in late 2011, you smug future motherfucker, so DON’T JUDGE ME!

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  1. kevin from NC

    My doctor told me the no flush Niacin does not work. Must take an aspirin 20 minutes prior to taking the niacin to avoid flushing… but I ain’t taking that anymore.

  2. John

    Trader Joe’s makes a Fish oil pill w/ very good EPA and DHA content (can’t remeber the numbers right now).Its reasonably priced as well.

  3. kent

    No Flush Niacin is No Fun.
    Once you get used to the Flush you start looking forward to it. It’s like a slow motion 20 minute version of the feeling you get when you break out in goosebumps.

  4. Neva

    I try to remember to take Vit D (for the same reason you take it Ian – too white to go outside).
    I also own some fish oil but don’t take it regularly. Make sure you check your fish oils for mercury content by the way..
    I don’t believe there is enough evidence for anything else to prove to me the benefit outweighs the harm.
    Also – be very careful about that creatine. I’ve seen some nasty side effects to that.

  5. Neva

    by the way – those crackers in the glass canister on your shelf are exact ones I think that I am eating at this very moment between typing words. Weird.

  6. jp

    What?! You who live in year-round sunny places still take Vitamin D? Craziness. I’m pale myself, but you only need 15 minutes a day, as I understand it. Wear a short-sleeved shirt and take a few walks to the car and back you should be covered. Right?
    Up here in not-so-sunny Oregon, we take Vitamin D in the winter, but not in the summers.

  7. Bud

    Late to the party again, but I take Norwegian cod liver oil (liquid) twice a day. It’s good for the heart and blood vessels, it’s good for depression – and it’s good for joints. No more achy knees since I started it about a year ago.
    Otherwise, I’ve discovered this whole other type of food. They’re called ‘vegetables’ and apparently, they supply all of these nutrients. And after I got used to the taste, I actually enjoy them, too. Who knew?

  8. Ian

    Update on this – kevin is right, No-Flush Niacin doesn’t have enough proof for cholesterol-lowering to warrant its use for that purpose, so I’m switching to a slow-release Niacin and hoping the flushes aren’t too bad.


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