high funtose corn syrup you mean


Look, I’m not saying y’all don’t already know this, but just for the stragglers amongst us, here’s a quick visual aid.

Good Halloween candy:


Bad Halloween candy:



0 thoughts on “high funtose corn syrup you mean

  1. craighill

    dude you’re going to disappoint a lot of kids with mounds and almond joy! go reese’s, kit kat and snickers.

  2. CM

    I wrote a commentary piece about this very thing that appeared in the Philly Inquirer in the ’90s…it was one of my first published pieces. I mentioned the Mary Janes and Bit O’Honeys as being the worst things you could get in a trick-or-treat bag. They still make them? Curses!
    Don’t forget those red and white swirly sucking candies. Those suck too (so to speak).
    And what about the apples with pennies? I doubt anyone does THAT anymore.
    On the “Yes, please” list you can add M&MS, Reese’s, Twizzler’s, Kit Kat, and the occasional Rolo’s (If those still exist).

  3. Alyson

    I agree with everyone else that you forgot the big stars of Halloween – Snickers and Reese’s. I love the Almond Joy and Mounds, though.
    My husband had his wisdom teeth out this week and refined sugar is making me sick as a dog these days, so we don’t get to participate in Halloween candy. Tragic.

  4. jersey

    craighill is right about what craighill just said. all you need is those three he mentioned, just make sure you don’t kill the peanut allergy kids with the reese’s. that would spoil halloween.

  5. Scott

    Glad others have chimed in already. But for the raisins, all of the “bad” candy totally kicks the ass of the mass-produced, generic, declining quality “good” candy.
    Totally forgot about Squirrel Nut Zippers.

  6. AJay

    I hate Mary Janes and would rather get raw broccoli as a treat. Seriously. But having said that, my wife loves Mary Janes, and I see that a few others on here do as well. I don’t get it, but there is a small subset of the population that likes the stuff.

  7. Cartoon

    This long time lurker can’t take it anymore. I could resist commenting on the sex survey a ways back, but on this I must speak up. You don’t dis my favorite snack. You don’t dis nature’s candy. Raisins rule!

  8. Bob

    There’s nothing wrong with raisins, but there is something wrong with handing them out at Halloween.
    I’m pretty much down with the original choices. As a kid, I thought Bit O’ Honey should have been called Forgot To Buy Candy.

  9. Piglet

    Peanut Butter Twix is the BEST candy, but I’ll go for Almond Joys and Kit Kats any day. I’ll give out little 4-flavor Hershey miniatures, but only after picking out all the Mr. Goodbars for myself.


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