herbivores can eat zagnuts



Allow me to introduce you to the Parasaurolophus, one of the “duck-billed dinosaurs” of the Hadrosauridae family – an herbivore that defended itself by blowing a series of notes so loudly through its trombone-like crest THAT IT SCRAMBLED THE BRAINS OF THE T-REX. It is also a very cute dinosaur, leading to fan art like this:


So of course, Lucy wanted to be a Parasaurolophus for Halloween, and who am I to dash a wee one’s dreams? She already had a candy holder for the job, and drew a sketch of how she wanted to look:


While I tried to get everything ready on Halloween day, she had a parade at school – and since you weren’t allowed to wear your costume to class, we had to think of Outfit #2. Something that could be done easily in a few minutes. So I got a khaki vest, a straw pith helmet, and those beige shorts they make you wear at crazy private school. Behold the paleontologist:


she would like you to notice the magnifying glass, rock pick and paintbrush for delicate sand work

I had costumes planned for all three of us – I was going to be a Quetzalcoatlus, Tessa was to be a “Mom”-menchisaurus – but I just couldn’t figure out the sewing machine in time (bobbins can chupar mis huevos) and was lucky to pull anything off at all. But with face paint, Manic Panic and helium, we were off to the lands of Polysorbate 60 and corn syrup:


And so the foxes tore into the meat the bears left behind, as the oviraptors did when the Yangchuanosaurus had had his fill, and so on, back into the sweet, sweet mists of time.


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  1. monheric

    Beats what we were doing – facing our lighted jack o’ lanterns onto a totally dark street, until we realized that Halloween was postponed until more of the town gets power back. Which is of course scarier than even the non-cute dinosaurs.


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