In an effort to Remain Positive™ and Put My Best Foot Forward® so I can Hit the Ground Running©, I’m going to make a list of All The Things I’m Thankful For™!

Y’see, I was a bit of a downer (sad face!) for a few decades in there, and now I’m Really Turning It Around®!! So tell me what YOU™ are thankful for below, wontchya?

Don’t say “Nasal Decongestants©”! That one’s mine! >wink< CutiePieClipArt.jpg

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  1. Salem's Little Sister

    Red wine so tasty and whiskers on kittens,
    legacy brunches and matching L.L. Bean mittens,
    Tar Heel blue snuggies tied up in strings,
    These are a few of my favorite things!

  2. Alyson

    So easy this year! I’m thankful for my sister’s family’s new addition arriving in March, for our baby arriving in May, for my sister-in-law’s excitement at getting married in March, for the good friends who have given us so much support this year through really great times and some harder ones too, for my job, and for my amazing husband who really, truly, puts me in awe every day. And I’m grateful that this year that list is so very easy to make, which is certainly not something to take for granted.

  3. kevin from NC

    It would take too long to list them all. Suffice it to say, I will be eternally grateful this Thanksgiving.
    And I hope everyone ha a great Thanksgiving!!

  4. Caroline

    That’s easy this year. I’m 8 months pregnant and except for the first 4 months where I only ate Cheerios and french fries while lying on the couch feeling like crap, I’ve felt fine and everything is going smoothly. LIttle Cutie will be here around Christmas. Can’t believe it!

  5. Karin

    Health and a happy marriage. Not things to be taken for granted, and it seems each year I am reminded how precious they both are.


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