i genuflect for knees



Okay, besides the obvious things to be thankful for – my amazing extended family, my stunning friends, all things Carolina, and especially Tessa and the Lulubeans – there are many other little things that should get some thanks but always get ignored. NO MORE!

• flexible caulk

• the aurora borealis

• earlobes

• the color orange

• ambient floor heat

• the berries in CrunchBerries, the clusters in Honey Nut Clusters

• the adjustable “delay between wipes” setting for windshield wipers

• the elm trees that didn’t die from Dutch Elm Disease

• benzoyl peroxide

• peonies

Google Translate

• Arctic foxes

• “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman”

• Daylight Saving Time

• the full-court bounce pass

• glass tiles

• The Cars

Paul Klee

• Courier New font

• Chiclets


The Twittering Machine, Paul Klee (1922)

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