don’t forget what the dormouse said



Okay, I was all set to come back from Thanksgiving with all sorts of impish invective, but then I was feeling kind of rotten and decided to take the edge off with 30ml of NyQuil.

And 20 minutes later I can barely spell or keep drool off my shirt. What the friggon bunnypants is in this stuff? And so I ask, what is your sedative of choice?

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  1. kevin from NC

    Have been having issues with sleep of late.. Doc had me on two scripts and neither was working.. Trazadone and Zanex(sp). I finally got off of them all and suffered even more.. Then I started the aformentioned Pink Ladies and they worked for 2 nights and then they stopped working as well.
    I turned to meditation for about 15-20 minutes each night before bed with no computer or TV afterward… it is starting to work. Of course, my life is starting to settle down a bit too so perhaps it is more closely related to that. This has been a rough few months in the sleep department.
    Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!!

  2. littlerattyratratrat

    @tregen has it right. The best thing about digital book-readers is grabbing those 19th Century novels from Project Gutenberg and reading yourself to sleep. Favorite so far has been William Morris’s “The Well at the World’s End.” If ya like Tolkien, Morris was one of his influences. And a long book, good for a month of sleepless nights.

  3. Tanya

    Hell if I know. I am in the midst of the most stressful time of my life, and I frankly wonder how the hell I’m going to get through it. Sleep has long since left me, so I’m going to pay close attention to any suggestions the group has to offer. NyQuil has the exact opposite effect on me – as does Benadryl, Tylenol PM and codeine.

  4. Anne

    Funny how this post brought out the commenters. :-)
    Xanax. Benadryl. A mug of hot milk with a little honey stirred in. (the last one dates to my childhood and still comforts me)
    Never booze: It simply makes me wake up with insomnia after a few hours.
    Feel better, Ian.

  5. emma

    Ambien, but since I gave up caffeine on October 17 (who’s counting??), I don’t need it at home – only when I am travelling.

  6. heike

    i have this one down to a T: mirtazapine, an anti-depressant, and seroquel, a neuroleptic, have the wonderful side effect of making me sleep within 30 minutes of taking both each night. with them, i sleep through the night most nights.
    when i need more, i up the seroquel dosage, no harm done.
    the diazepam/valium is nice to look at in my cabinet; but looking at it is all i need to do at this stage. xanax/alprazolam is an anti-panic medication. i don’t use it for sleep and don’t recommend it for sleep; even though it is a benzodiazepine, it’s the one with the least sleep-inducing powers among the benzos. zolpidem/ambien is certainly the better sleep aid.
    but as i’ve written and said before and will say again: the benzos (all of them) are highly addictive. listen to dr. heike and enjoy them with great care! less is more. you’ll wonder why you should bother listening to a tablet junkie. but i believe that the skill to sleep (well, or at all) depends solely on mental attitude. the better i am within myself, the better i sleep. I’m still honing my dexterity…….

  7. AJay

    @tanya: My mom and dad (who have been divorced for 25+ years) have told me a story, quite independently of the other. So one day, my paternal grandfather stopped by our house, and he clearly had had too much to drink and was ranting and raving about leaving the country or some such. Later that night, after having gone to bed, my mom woke my dad up and asked him, “How can you sleep? Aren’t you worried about your dad?” And my dad replied, “Well, sure I am. And if I thought lying here thinking about it would help, I sure would. But since it won’t, I’m going back to sleep.” I know it’s easier said than done, but that doesn’t change the fact that worrying is almost completely worthless.


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