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As it is only one week until St. Lucy’s Day, I thought it’d be only fitting to have a few words from our little patron Saint of Light herself. The following comes verbatim from our daughter concerning her views on religion:


“I don’t know WHAT to think about God. Some people think he’s like the Father of us all. Some people think he flies. With no legs. Other people think he’s married to Mother Earth. But that’s just weird to me. Like a piece of corn marrying a carrot.”


conducting another science experiment after gluing bananas and carrots together (foreground)

During bedtime over the weekend…

Lucy: What’s the story about Christmas again?

Tessa: Well, Mary was very pregnant and Mary and Joseph were traveling to Bethlehem on foot-

Lucy (with great authority): Right, Mary and Joseph Christ.

Tessa (stifling a laugh): Yeah, um, “Christ” isn’t actually a last name.


Lucy: Why do Joseph and Mary have boats?

Daddo: Huh?

Lucy: Yeah, you know… (sings) ” I saw three ships come sailing in on Christmas Day, on Christmas Day, ’twas Joseph and his fair la-dee…” They have boats.

Daddo: Well, it’s… (long pause) they… um…

(Lucy has already left)


during National Children’s Chorus performance (she’s at bottom right)

While rehearsing for chorus in St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, she was so wide-eyed she couldn’t pay attention to the conductor. Afterwards…

Tessa: So, sweetie, Mr. Ceresky said you were unusually distracted in chorus today. What’s going on?

Lucy: Oh, Mommy, there were so many things to look at. The walls were covered with myths. And Jesus was on a pole. And – who’s that lady? The Bergent?

Tessa (trying to keep it together): You mean… The Virgin?

Lucy: Yeah, the Virgin. She was everywhere. The place was just so full of Jewish stuff, I couldn’t focus.


0 thoughts on “bergent america

  1. Kelly

    Awesome, that last part pushed me over the edge, I’ve the giggles now — augmented by being in a very quiet work area, of course. She’s so sweet, all the best to the three of you.

  2. monheric

    “I don’t know WHAT to think about God.” Full stop right there and you’ve got it made. :-)
    Love them Jewish Bergents!!

  3. LFMD

    Just curious. . . are you raising Lucy in a particular religious faith? Has she been baptized? She is so smart and inquisitive – the perfect age for religious education.

  4. Annie H.

    Heart duly melting. Can’t wait to see y’all again! Meantime, look for a package for Miss Lu which will arrive in celebration of the approaching Jewish Christday.


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