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As older people, especially if you’ve got kids, you’ve long since learned to squelch your “want” mechanism for Christmas. It has been so long since you got what you really wanted under the tree that you have stopped the act of wanting. It doesn’t help that the major gifts of youth – a cool bike, the absolutely must-have-it toy, the electronic game that will change everything – have largely lost their appeal to your average workin’ stiff.

But deep within us all is still that anxious kid who looks upon the holidays with salvation, ecstasy, dread, hope and unquenchable excitement. Yes, it has been replaced by the Joy of Giving, sure, sure, but what if, by some bizarre chance, someone were to absolutely hit that same spot with a gift?

Be outright selfish for just a daydream, and answer this question: what do you really want for Christmas?


my dad checks out early morning Xmas 1980 – incl. my fave bike ever, the 10-speed Desperado!

(non-Christmas celebrators, please play too)

17 thoughts on “tickle me cabbage tamagotchi

  1. Salem's Little Sister

    A mercedes GL450 with a third row back seat, black, tan interior. And some answers on why I still can’t run and the cause and solution of my incredibly shrinking right leg.

  2. Julie

    One of those Paloma Picasso heart necklaces from Tiffany’s.
    More importantly I would like my husband to get over his fear and get a kidney transplant so that we have more years of “in health” than “in sickness” in this marriage.

  3. jp

    Oh, this is easy.
    A MacBook Air
    A shiny new bike (I’ve become a bike commuter, hurray!)
    A family vacation to Hawaii or Baja or hell Anaheim sometime in rainy January or February

  4. CM

    Awwww, C. I feel your pain. Hang in there. Sometimes, given time and more experience, men DO wise up and realize they miss the great thing they had.
    -As inspired by this blog, a farmhouse in the country that I can custom-design with different rooms dedicated to various interests, and where family and friends can gather and make warm memories.
    -An iPad.
    -Health and happiness for all family members.
    -A few free hours over the holidays to write.
    -Stolen from Michele: A baby who sleeps until at least 6 AM on a regular basis.
    -For my baby to be very kind and giving to others when he gets older.
    -A silver paint marker and some Mad magazines (used to ask for those every year, so why not?)

  5. Jackie

    For my children to have lives filled with work that makes them happy, love and that they experience great joy and passion in their lives.
    While that sounds disgustingly altruistic it truly is what I want most. Until the ipad3 shows up.

  6. amy a

    um, in no certain order:
    1. my health to continue and get even better…
    2. well-paying career opps in which to put all my passion and energy
    3. a really awesome boyfriend. someone who gives a shit about my day and fucks like a champion.
    thanks, santa!


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