here’s to the silver sea


A bit of mise-en-scène photographic sleuthing for you lot today… can anyone (not in my family, or those who already knew) decipher what is going on in this picture?


(not shown: cheers from all others on couch, and a few more spread around the country)

0 thoughts on “here’s to the silver sea

  1. CM

    They’re watching your pilot for Gilligan’s Island 2012, coming to FOX in the fall. I hear they’ve only ordered 6 episodes because Professor finds an iPhone at the end of ep 5. Still a plum assignment and I congratulate you for it.

  2. GFWD

    You obtained the video footage of the plane on “Lost” just before it crashed and your mom, who was on that Oceanic flight, is being shown the video and it’s scaring her, so she covered her eyes. Meanwhile, Tessa and Lucy, who are pantomiming “Where’s Waldo” for Michelle’s baby, are laughing that your brother just tooted at the exact moment you snapped the shot. Your nephew is like, “Can we put the Wii back on so I can dance to the Michael Jackson Experience now?”
    Or your mom was just given tickets to Hawaii.

  3. Just Andrew

    having just shown your mother a moving documentary on climate change and melting polar ice caps, you’ve let her in on your plan to slow the process by killing everyone over 50. She isn’t taking it well, but can’t totally disagree with the thoughtful narration of the soon to be eliminated Richard Attenborough.

  4. Josie

    You got Mom an iPad and she’s seeing others across the country on FaceTime. This was my mom’s gift as well. I think she enjoys it. :)

  5. Scott

    Originally, I thought family trip to the Galapagos islands. Then I read Just Andrews’s brilliant, yet depraved, answer.
    No matter what – the room was filled with joy. So the rest is just frosting.

  6. Kelly

    You are playing the starting of a children’s TV show, asked her to listen… and one of your mom’s songs/compositions has been chosen for the intro.
    And she’s covering her face in overwhelming emotion, and everyone is hooting in celebration.

  7. Neva

    I like the Galapagos trip with another family member on the ipad watching your Mom’s reaction.
    Please tell us! The suspense is killing me!


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