why pamper life’s complexity


Alas, you must forgive me, my dear friends – it is taking me longer than usual to ramp up output of product here at xtcian.com… I had the flu and strep, of course, but followed it up with the stomach flu, and just when I was beginning to hold some food down, I sat through the UNC-Florida State game.

More than all that – and “all that” was pretty fucking bad, lemme tellya – I have been haunted by a script that was due several months ago. For some reason, it threw a spanner in my emotional works, and I just could not finish the last 15 pages.

I knew what needed to happen, I knew exactly what all the characters had to do, I knew what they would say, and the outline was right in front of me – this ain’t rocket science. And still, wave after sandy wave of life spat forth, then retreated, and still, I walked around burdened like the Ancient Mariner. Kids had birthdays, the year changed, and still I slumbered under a cloud of sleet.

Then on Friday I just sat down for seven hours and finished it. Wasn’t even that hard. WHAT the FUCK.

The sun shone forth, rainbows of colors appeared again, and two more stories popped into my brain, like the buds of peonies released by pruning back the overgrowth. Perhaps the gastrointestinal stuff and the writing were related. Sometimes your spirit is held captive by the flesh. As Morrissey summed up

Does the body rule the mind

Or does the mind rule the body?

I dunno


England is mine, and it owes me a living

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