and we are the dreamers of dreams


Okay, this is the kind of thing that drives me quailshit bonkers. A very nice-seeming girl put together an excellent video comprised of one second from each day in 2011. Called “This is What Madeline Did”, it’s a great look into the life of a current twentysomething makin’ it work in LA:

2011 from hey_rabbit on Vimeo.

It was picked up by Gizmodo, and what happens? Inevitably, the first comment is some moaning dick who ensnarks his response with smug disdain: “Must be nice to have no obligations. My video would be shots from work and home for over 300 of those 365 seconds.”

Arguing about anonymous comments on the internet is like complaining about the food in jail, but statements like this absolutely enrage me. I feel like I’ve spent my life having to defend myself against self-made bootstrap-pullers who take the moral high ground because people like me don’t have “real jobs”.

First off, this girl does work as a post-production assistant (hence the constant traffic shots) and a TV logger, which I only know because she felt like she had to deflect the job question on the original Vimeo page. She was nice about it, (even saying “now I should get back to work” to keep up appearances) but I won’t be.

*AHEM* Dear everybody whose first reaction to this video is wondering why she doesn’t appear to be gainfully employed: LICK BAT NUTS. Hating your job doesn’t qualify you for sainthood, doesn’t lend authenticity to your social critique, and in fact, calls your choice-making into question. If you are lucky enough to be making comments on the internet, you probably had a myriad of options, and if you picked poorly, you’ve only yourself to blame.

You can have a suck-ass day job and still have a big enough life to create a video like this one – you just need a little energy and imagination. For that matter, artists need to exist in this world as well, and they work furiously hard at their craft, even if they don’t moisten a miserable work chair at 9am like you do.

And furthermore, WHY DO YOU CARE? Even if the video was made by a flibbertigibbet will-‘o-the-wisp who never worked an honest day in her life, the video was still inspiring. Why does everyone spend half their time battling for status over everyone else?

Fix your life, know your limitations, or slouch towards Bethlehem; choose one. The rest is either sour grapes or gravy.

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  1. susannah turner

    Another great snippet of philosophy from our guy Ian….{insertion of smiley here} thanks. enjoyed. i need the stability n benefits that go along with a “real job” but doggoneit, I’m spoiled by being self-employed too long.

  2. Randy

    Great video and great comment on the video. As one of those Republicans who are supposed to “hate” the Occupy crowd, I am completely in agreement with your comment. Just because you hate your job/life/whatever, that doesn’t give you the right to bash in order to feel better or “over” someone. And I have the standard 9to5, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy something an artist does (and not just enjoy it, but sometimes need it as an escape). To me, the video shows days that weren’t so great (traffic, pulling the covers over your head, etc.) and then those that were brilliant. Kinda puts all of our lives in perspective. Thanks for sharing the link.

  3. Helen Jane

    Bah, its sister wife, “must be nice to have enough TIME for (insert creative endeavor here).”
    Um, no, I just prioritize what’s important to me, just like you.

  4. Ehren

    Totally, Ian. If you can’t find an interesting second in your day that doesn’t involve work, then you’re doing it wrong.

  5. dct

    Not to mention the fact that if you have time to troll the internet and make nasty comments, you’re probably not actually working very hard.

  6. Scott

    Did anyone go the next step and watch any of the Googy shows? (Many of the shots in her montage were from the tapings of this other show.)
    It is awesome, in a John Macy “killer clown” kind of way. Disturbing, but so well executed!


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