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As a little piece of personal interest, here is today’s a-propos-of-nothing question…

What time do you set your alarm for, in the morning?

And what time are you actually going to sleep at night?


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  1. ken

    Quite simply, I/we don’t. With two kids under age three, having a baby monitor is our alarm clock. They rarely awaken before 7:30 and never after 9AM. I personally only use an alarm if I’m napping.

  2. Salem's Little Sister

    Alarm set for 7:00AM and I am usually in bed by 12:30. My ideal sleep time would be asleep by 12:30 and wake up at 9:30.

  3. avoidthisblog

    alarm set for 615…hopefully out of bed by 630 to be at work to greet the adolescent phalanxes by no later than 730.
    if I’m asleep by 1115, I’m happy. I’ve found that keeping a consistent routine can be more important than the gross number of hours slept, within reason.

  4. Megan

    I don’t usually set my alarm unless I have an early meeting. The 4 dogs wake me up at 6, and if I’ve gone back to sleep, my husband wakes me up around 8. I’m usually asleep by 11:30 or 12:00, although lately my insomnia has been flaring up and I’m seeing more of the wee hours on weeknights than I’d like.

  5. LFMD

    Damn. I knew I’d be the earliest riser.
    My work hours are generally 6:30am to 2:30pm. I set the alarm for 5 AM, and on the days that I work from home, I am still up at 5AM because the dog is so used to getting up with me at that time. . .and he herds me out of bed like a good border collie thinks he should.
    I go to bed at 11pm because I like to have some time to myself in the evening.
    Of course, I am perpetually tired and not getting enough sleep. I tend to nap when my work day is over, and this causes all sorts of sleep issues.

  6. CM

    Great clock! I go to bed around 11. Baby is up until 10 pm, and then I clean his bottles & stuff after he goes to sleep. He wakes up around 6-6:30. So, no alarm.

  7. Karin

    In bed around 11:15; watch something on Netflix or read, close eyes around 12:30; alarm at 8; snooze for about 15 minutes. My preferred hours would be 1am-10am, but that’s a little hard to work around, well, work. I also nap for one hour every day – like consistently, for years. Don’t try and take away my nap.

  8. Scott

    No alarm on most mornings, unless I have someplace that I absolutely must be earlier than 9:00. As a famiy, we’ve only had one major oversleeping event, had 20 minutes for breakfast and out the door to get our son to school on time.
    Go to bed – from 10:30 to 12:00, just depends on what I’m doing, thinking or listening to at the time. My wife is always (99%) in bed 30 to 90 minutes before me, though we get up at the same time.

  9. Julie

    6:15 alarm so that I can get the kids to school and then be at work before 8:30. Bedtime is usually 11:30 so I know what the weather will be the next day. Crash usually around 9:30 on Friday nights because I am exhausted. I really need 8 hours of sleep.

  10. Bud

    Bed at a few minutes before 12 or 1, up a few minutes before 9. No alarm (what a rotten way to start the day, imo). I almost never wake up late (only once in the last 5 years). Sometimes I wake up a little early. Sleep is gold.
    What about you, Ian?

  11. me

    LFMD, I have you beat, but I don’t consider that a win in my column. Alarm goes off at 4:30am in order to drive my son 20 minutes to the swimming pool for early morning swim practice. He is a year-round competitive swimmer. I admit, it sounds completely insane and before I started doing it, considered 4:30 am to be part of the night before, not the morning. However, this night-owl has adjusted fairly well. I stay at the gym to work-out, following it by either a trip to the 24-hour grocery store or reading my Kindle until he is finished, showered, and ready to transport to school. It has turned out to be a very unexpectdly productive time of day for me. A few years ago, if you had told me my future would hold such a schedule, I would have screamed CRAZY!
    I go to bed at 9-ish, hoping to be asleep by 9:30. If it is after 10, I am toast.

  12. Peter Rukavina

    Alarm set for 7:00 a.m. but clock radio intentionally set 6 minutes fast, so it actually goes off at 6:54 a.m. There’s no reason for this other than we’re so used to it now that to change would be impossible.
    To sleep between 11:30 a.m. and midnight.

  13. Sharon

    @me – both my daughters are competitive swimmers too. They are young enough that practices are still in the evening. Means we don’t get home until 7:30 every night but the early mornings will be coming soon. I don’t know how we are going to make that work. I get up at 5:15 now and with walking dogs, taking girls to two different schools at two different times, dinner prep etc. I’m still pushing it to get to work by 8:30. Oh – everyone is in bed by 9:30 – 10:00.

  14. emma

    My husband’s alarm (on his side of bed)goes off at 6:20, but i usually get up when he gets out of shower between 6:30-6:40. (My kids get up at 6:40).
    I am in bed between 9:30 and 10:00. Now that I am caffeine free, I am asleep by 10:15 or 10:30!!!

  15. dct

    I usually go to sleep around 11-11:30, and I wake up around 8 by the children. I want to wake up earlier, as discussed on the vc, but my body really likes 9 hours of sleep. I know that’s a lot for most people.

  16. Ian

    To answer Mr. The Budster, my schedule is bizarre. Tessa and I switch mornings with the Lulubeans, so every other morning, I get up with her at 7:15, then stay up later that night (midnight) because I can sleep in a little the next morning.
    a nonny nonny, you ask the question that turned this other entry into a boondoggle:
    I’ve been thinking of bringing it up again to see how everyone has either improved or, um, not improved in that dept.

  17. Bill

    Late to the game here, but anyway: alarm at 5:05 three to four days a week so I can go to the gym before work. Other days: 6:15, or on the weekends whenever the kids wake up (by 7 usually).
    Night: try for lights out by 10, but more often it is 10:30 or 11. I would stay up later, but my wife needs more sleep than I do and we prefer to go to bed together, so the married-man compromise is…I go to bed when she does.

  18. eric g

    For the same reason as Bill (wife goes to bed earlier than I’d like), I go to bed at 10; read something on the kindle until 10:20-10:30. Alarm set for 6:15; up by 6:25.

  19. Scott M.

    I usually go to bed between 1 and 2 AM, and sleep in until 9 AM. I work from home so I can set my own hours, and we don’t have kids. I love it.


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