hawai’i, where the apostrophe means a hiccup


Do you know what you want out of a vacation? After you’ve flown 3,000 miles, and you, your wife and your daughter have just struggled through three viruses, some walking pneumonia and a sinus infection? Finally feeling on the mend, but exhausted beyond belief?


You want to go visit my friend Stasia first, who will welcome you with a sign in their window drawn by her and her two kids. Then she will make you braised wahoo with mahogany rice salad, and you will sit and chat for hours as a warm, moist breeze blows through the house.

And there will be small flowers on each of your towels, for it is the little things that truly mend the spirit.


happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

0 thoughts on “hawai’i, where the apostrophe means a hiccup

  1. Jeff Gapusan

    Hawaii’i is our favorite vacation spot! We go every year. One thing I can’t get over is how relaxed they are there while my east coast sensibility insulates me for about 1/2 of our vacation. Enjoy the humuhumunukunukuapuaa while you are there, Ian!

  2. killian

    So Beautiful. And the leis you are wearing!! I had to google wahoo and mahogany rice, and now I am certain you are in heaven. Happy healing!!!


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