protect your macadamia nuts


Seen today in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii:

• unbelievably beautiful, completely normal mid-20s Hawaiian woman walking past me on main street who was SIX FOOT SIX at LEAST.

• two-dollar root beer malts at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers with extra malt

• total dork guy from 1977 walking home from library, with ponytail and thick black hoodie, looking skyward with eyes that said “why the fuck am I in Hawaii?”

• girl in aggressively-inappropriate bikini at supermarket, her boobs spilling out onto the tray she was holding, trying to give everyone samples of Sugar Blast Crunch cereal

• pancake aisle had three syrups: coconut, pineapple, and coconut-pineapple

• my awesomepants daughter watched the Heels outlast Miami, then played soccer with Noah



tomorrow: the Big Island!

0 thoughts on “protect your macadamia nuts

  1. chip

    I remember you picking out Lucy’s dress on Franklin street during your whirlwind Duke visit….this is a cliche, but she is so grown up

  2. Scott

    I was about to make the same type of comment as GFWD, except I wanted pictures of each sighting!
    It will be nigh impossible for you to post too many photos of this vacation. Currently I’m watching rain/snow fall from the skies on the dreariest day I could imagine.

  3. Neva

    Wow! that looks awesome. hope you are having a wondeful time. Dave and I spent some great time in Hawaii. Especially loved Kauai and the Na Pali coastline.
    Maybe you are lucky enough to be enjoying a break from all this birth control debate ongoing. It is infuriating me at the moment. A neighbor and friend of mine just wrote a great little piece on this that immediate made me think of you..
    You might enjoy it..


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