will the world end in the night time, i really don’t know



Indeed, I’ve emerged in one piece, but will save that for tomorrow – today’s blog, however, goes out to old friends Mathew Gross and Mel Gilles, whose book The Last Myth: What the Rise of Apocalyptic Thinking Tells Us About America is nigh!


They’ve got the Sunday headline article on Salon, which gives you a sample of not just their thesis, but their talent. Matt was the guru behind Howard Dean’s brilliant online campaign back in 2004, and Melony wrote the Politics of Victimization blog that rattled around the blogosphere just after that godawful 2004 election.

I could also tell you that they are both Carolina folks who lived on McCauley Street with the rest of us, and that Matt and I were such huge fans of The Smiths that we subscribed to the Sing Your Life fanzine, but that would be a little beside the point, wouldn’t it?


Fact is, I’ve had my own intense struggle with America’s sickening fetish for the apocalypse, and used these very pages to expunge those demons. One blog entry bemoaned how researching your greatest fear only feeds the beast, one was on the “you’re fucked” mentality… and the other two were inspired by Smiths songs! That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore and, of course, Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before. Coincidence? Hardly, my patient readers, hardly.

But the real headline here? Matt and Mel’s writing is wonderful: elegant, forceful and real call to arms. Read the Salon piece and pre-order the book. They’re the home team!

(Oh, and so is Jim Rash!)

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  1. Mathew Gross

    Would it be further beside the point if I noted that the hand in the right side of the frame, reaching for Morrissey’s jacket, is mine? Yes, it would be further beside the point. Thanks Ian!


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