i still dream of orgonon


Today’s question requires about five seconds of closing your eyes, really thinking about it, then quickly responding. In a nutshell, WHAT DO YOU WANT INVENTED? And it has to be within the realm of possibility, not just “I want a pill that allows me to fly.”

We’ll take away the two most obvious answers: cure for cancer (and all the big diseases), and flying cars. The rest of them are up for grabs.

I’ll start:

• arresting fertility issues… meaning the ability to create perfectly healthy female eggs throughout your 40s

• painless kidney stone disintegration laser

• pollution-free, portable, powerful energy source created here in America

• some blazingly fast internet wifi that simply exists in the ether, without having to pay for an access point anywhere, ever

• flexible tooth sealant that makes cavities impossible

• a cloudbusting device


0 thoughts on “i still dream of orgonon

  1. Claverack Weekender

    Noiseblaster – a device that makes the room you are in completely silent regardless of what’s happening around you.
    Star Trek Communicator – a small device that I can carry in my pocket and communicate with people very far away. Oh wait, we already have that. How about the tricorder then? A small scanner that makes your average doctor superman?
    High speed rail service in the NYC metro region. Starting with NYC-Albany in under an hour.
    X10 – 10 year life extension slugs at a reasonable cost.
    WeekendXtender – remember those long summer days of childhood? This pill slows down your perception of time to make those fun days feel a bit longer.
    BJ Maxx – If we can have a chicken in every pot, why can’t we have a male ‘personal pleasure device’ installed in every shower across America? Yes we can!

  2. kent

    Telomere-Zapper — something that undoes the genetic degradation of aging.
    One thing I observed in Hawaii: A lot of very elderly people, having achieved enough financial security to retire in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, only to have but a few years to enjoy it.
    Aging is cruel, and death is just plain insulting. This would be a very disruptive technology for sure, but life is too short.

  3. Chuck B.

    Wireless power. How great would it be to eliminate power cords of all kinds on everything?There are prototypes in the works now (and a cool Ted talk if you care to Google it) but we are still a long way away.

  4. carolyn

    – time travel, backwards and forwards
    – immortality coupled with agelessness.
    – thought organizer so i can put the pictures, words, ideas in my head down in a tangible way. (notebooks aren’t enough)
    – travel with just thought, no cars or planes necessary


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