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I’m so unbelievably angry right now that I need another 12-15 hours before I’m of any use to anybody. Those of you who don’t watch basketball… oh, what does it matter, you stopped reading when you smelled what this was about.

As such, I’m going to let someone else do the talking and linking for me today- none other than Greg (GFWD) himself, who penned one of his best group emails ever this evening, after hearing of Kendall Marshall’s injury. I hope he won’t mind the publicity. Here it is:


Obviously, no one out of Chapel Hill is talking. You heard Roy. 

I wrote my friend, an orthopedic surgeon who repaired my second Achilles tendon rupture back in 2000. He wrote back and shared the following with me:

“I had the same injury my junior year. I played a rugby match the next week, but had to pull myself out at the half. I then missed the entire spring lacrosse season because it didn’t go on to heal.  Did he have it fixed? If he had a screw put in it he can probably play. Otherwise he’s screwed.” 

My doctor friend went on to suggest that they should use a compression screw during the surgery to ensure that he might be able to play. 


Not surprisingly, I was not the only one with that bright idea to “consult” with a doctor. My friend Jason Lina sent me a link to this article.

Here is some info on the type of injury from my friend Jonathan.

As a side note, all I could think about while watching the remaining games tonight was how sadly ironic it is that Kenny Smith has to be objective talking about these games in the studio, having suffered one of the other ill-timed infamous wrist breaks on a UNC team that was also destined for a long and deep tournament run. 


You may not like Carolina. 

You may think we get too many calls. 

You may hate Roy’s “Huckleberry Hound” schtick. 

But we do not play dirty. 

We don’t groom thugs. 

Check out the play that injured Kendall from my friends Betsy and Tim.

Roy actually said he thought it was just a hard foul. He likely said that without the benefit of having seen the “wink” (see below) and the replay above where that little bitch sends a forearm shiver into Kendall’s chest. Those things add a little more context to everything that happened in the game. 

The thing I hate most about this tournament is when you let oafs from subpar conferences into the dance with the big boys. Here’s a link to the dirty little bastard with a profile picture that makes you understand why some animals eat their young.

It’s not cockiness to point out the fact that someone like Kendall plays the game on a higher plane than most other players. So, when you get beaten by him, you don’t take your forearm and shove him while he’s in the air. You let him score and regroup or you foul him while he’s on the ground. You act like you’ve been there before.  Apparently, that’s not the case if you’re a little punk thug bitch playing for those Creighton cretins. (Before I cooled, I had a different c-word here). 

You play dirty. 

You also swipe unnecessarily at Henson’s wrist. 


I might have forgiven the Creighton foul that earned Big John a technical, if the CBS cameraman hadn’t caught that catamite “winking” at the Creighton bench, as though he had just followed through with the coach’s orders to “sweep the leg.”  In case you missed it, my friend Tim sent me this.

I have never wanted to reach through a television screen so badly. Almost made me wish I had powers like Darth Vader so that I could have remotely knocked that little bitch’s chewing gum into the upper deck.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this kid has several earmarked copies of “Catcher in the Rye” lying around his dorm room and routinely pens letters to Jodie Foster in between dissecting live animals. 

It didn’t end there. Before the half, their point guard swiped down hard on Henson’s wrist under the guise of trying to make a play for the ball. It’s what sent Henson–who otherwise played superbly–to the bench early. 


All during the game, I was telling people how much I wanted to have a player like Julius Peppers on our team. A player who could keep opposing teams from playing dirty. 

I don’t mind tough. The Wolfpack played us tough. They played hard, inspired, and tough. Not only was it fair and legal, but it also made both teams better. I think they’re in the Sweet Sixteen largely because of that game.

I am fine with tough players. 

I hate dirty. 

If I were the coach for Carolina, I’d always have a kid on my bench who ate nothing but nails and broken glass and shaved with a straight razor that he had to replace twice a day because his beard dulled the blade. The kind of guy whose muscles had muscles and made hardened prison yard thugs “shart” themselves whenever his face appeared on the television screen…


I’ll grant you that Zeller occasionally tries to exaggerate an offensive player’s contact in hopes of getting a charge call. In fact, he tried tonight early in the game and he didn’t get the call. That’s gamesmanship and nothing screams karma like missing the charge call and instead getting a blocking foul called on you. 

To any such allegations of flopping, I would say, “Touche”.  But, with respect to Creighton’s bespectacled little punk bitch center, I offer you this gem.

What this Creighton chump did, by contrast, has no place in the game. It’s less of a good defensive play on Zeller and more of an outright battery. 

I don’t ever want to wish any injury on a player for another team, but I do hope that karma one day helps Creighton to reap what it’s apparently teaching its players to sow. 

That would be poetic justice. 

Let’s hope that Kendall’s surgery is successful.


28 thoughts on “cobra kai lives on

  1. Tammy O.

    I posted a note to Facebook, but also felt strongly enough about this that I wanted to post a comment here, too.
    Here’s what’s not cool about this:
    – The use of “little bitch” to refer to the player who committed the foul, esp. when he’s referred to as a “catamite” elsewhere in the blog post. Seriously? Can you trot out the derogatory/homophobic/inflammatory language a little bit more?
    – You want to get credit for not using the word “cunt” because you think that’s not different from using “little bitch” multiple times?
    I get that you’re pissed off, but it’s beyond crappy to disparage Creighton as a bunch of uneducated and classless oafs by acting the macho, swaggering jock. Isn’t there enough of that already on the court and in the stands?
    Be outraged. That’s fine. But don’t be an offensive jerk.

  2. Jackie

    Wow. Thank you, Tammy. I was struggling for words and discovered that you had already found them. Thank you.
    Ugly, ugly foul. Ugly, hateful post.

  3. Brian

    I am not a huge fan of some of the personal language used, but I think sometimes we get far more outraged about words than actions. Why are you not as upset and offended by how Creighton played? This guy is upset because he had to watch a goon squad headhunt and go after players intentionally. Why not get as angered and offended at how the officials called fouls? I am far more offended by the actions of the NCAA, the officiating crew and the Creighton coach than his use of sexually derogatory remarks.
    Maybe you did and I haven’t read them and if so, I apologize.

  4. Brian

    I love the use of the Cobra Kai reference here. The thing also is we are only spotlighting a few plays, but go back watch Barnes get tripped by Gibbs. They tried to play physical because they know the Tar Heels hate physical play and now we have a player with a broken wrist.

  5. Proud gay Tarheel

    Tammy O, I’m a gay man and a proud Tarheel and I did not take from Ian’s post today any homophobic references. I don’t know if you played any sports growing up or in school, but calling someone a “little bitch” is both gender and sexually neutral. It refers to the person’s style of play. If you are a Tarheel, you already know this from years of watching Duke’s basketball team step on players in the NCAA tournament and break the noses of Tarheels in the regular season. Creighton played dirty and hurt the Tarheel’s best player.
    Also, the use of the word catamite has nothing to do with being homosexual. I have never heard the word, so I looked it up on Gogle. That word, while pretty harsh, describes a pederastic relationship. Not a healthy or loving gay one. Perhaps the use of such an exaggerated word for that dirty playing team is over the top and “ugly”, but I took it to be just that–an over the top rant by an obviously upset diehard fan. It was not a sweeping commentary on gay people.
    I can kind of understand you getting upset at the foul language but I do not appreciate you trying to sweep the use of those two words into some unintended ploy by Ian or the writer to be homophobic. Ian has lots of gay friends and is a champion of the gay community. Do you think that Ian, who just wrote so eloquently about a departed gay friend, would have posted something from an “offensive jerk” if he thought that’s what the author was? As a gay person, I didn’t take that meaning and I resent you lumping me and my gay friends in with pederasts. If you are a gay person, then shame on you for trying to stir up flames where there aren’t any. If anyone is an offensive jerk, YOU are. Did you go to Duke? Are you the mother of that Creighton player?
    If you were a Tarheel like Ian and me, you would agree with how dirty Creighton played. Tammy, methinks you doth protest too much. If you have been reading Ian’s blog for any length of time, you know that he and his Tarheels friends are not rational when it comes to watching games. He says so and even offers you a warning at the top of todays’ post. You’re rant is out of place and your anger is misplaced. Perhaps you need to apologize to Ian and his friend and save your rage for posts that don’t deal with the Tarheels. Go post on Rush Limbaugh’s website.
    Go Tarheels and go to hell Creighton!

  6. emma

    I was at Friday’s games and within ten minutes of watching Creighton v. Bama, I looked at my daughter, pointed at 00 in the pink shoes for Creighton and said, “he is their hatchet man.” I had the wrong guy pegged, but I had the right team.

  7. Jackie

    No, I haven’t commented in other forums about the fouls. In my post I acknowledged that they were ugly fouls, and they were. The wink makes them unconscionable.
    When a hard foul allows people who write positively about feminism just a few days ago to post something like this using the word “bitches” or, when a hard, ugly, vicious foul like this allows a man who has repeatedly supported gay rights to use a word like “catamite” it sends a message. It says that when something vicious and wrong happens to your team then you are allowed to turn immediately to misogynist or homophobic terms to describe the person who committed the foul and it’s okay. In fact, if someone complains about it, they too will be referred to as bitches because they don’t understand that the vicious foul gives a free pass for that kind of crap.
    Because, women and gays didn’t create this problem but suddenly it is we who are being used as the negative image necessary to describe this person.

  8. Lindsay

    Let’s all make Greg feel like shit for a personal email he wrote and offhandedly allowed Ian to put on his blog.

  9. Brian

    Do you think a person can be an advocate of African Americans marching for freedom and then turn around call a white person acting like a idiot the N word? Does narrative or context play a role in how people use words that we deem offensive and derogatory? If Gibbs was homosexual and he used a threatening slur against him, then maybe I would be more inclined to your argument.
    As a Christian, I do not like people attacking people on things such as looks or name calling, but accepting how the world works, it is completely understandable.
    Is catamite even a homophobic term? My understanding is catamite refers to a young boy kept around for sexual pleasure. Do homophobic people actually reference gay people as catamites?
    I think people should be more upset with actions that cause harm and injury rather than words that will amount to some hate mail for Gibbs. If the NCAA would do its job, then this kind of rant would not happen.

  10. Tammy O.

    Look, if this were a private email msg sent to me, I would take up my issues with it privately. But this is a public, published piece of writing at this point, and I’m engaging with it like I would any blog of Ian’s or any guest blog of Ian’s. I’m not trying to trash Greg personally or make him feel bad for saying what he did in an email to friends, but this is public discourse. I’m not going to *not* voice my concerns just because this started as a private communication.
    Brian, I didn’t say anything about Creighton’s play in my response, but please don’t assume I’m not upset about it. I have a long history of playing competitive sports, including full-contact sports where I’ve seen good friends and teammates get hurt by dirty play. Yes, it’s outrageous. But the reason I’m upset by this post is because words do actually mean something, and it’s a crappy thing to use offensive/gay slurs when talking about another team.

  11. ProfSmith

    Holy crap, what would seem to be an unassailable throw-away story has turned into exhibit 1 on political correctness run astray. Are you people serious? Yes, name calling is puerile, but beyond that obvious point you’re full of it. If you want to consider yourself a bitch and take offense when the term is used in this manner, that is fine. However, keep in mind you’re giving the word much more power than it should have, misconstruing the author’s intent AND validating your own flawed self-image to your own detriment (as well as likely making people come to view you as you see yourself).

  12. Ian

    Whoops. Let it be known that I published this email without Greg’s input or knowledge, and he has his own way of speaking on his private email list, so I accept full responsibility here. I know him to be an upstanding, excellent fellow with absolutely no antagonism toward any creature save those who went to Dook (and a few from Creighton).
    I didn’t include the other part of the email in which he asks us to send love to one of his best friends who has just gone through a double mastectomy. He writes for his audience, and I write for mine, so it was incumbent upon me to either get full permission, or edit it for a wider context, which I dare say he would have done had he known.
    So I apologize – to both G and to y’all.

  13. Lurker Silent No More

    Tammy O and Jackie are clearly not Tar Heel fans. They also don’t know Ian or GFWD, for that matter. Do you honestly believe Ian would post something he thought was anti-gay? Have you read any of GFWD’s emails that he sends out to hundreds of Tar Heels on a weekly or daily basis?
    It is painfully clear that Tammy O and Jackie do not know what the word catamite means and are not able to distinguish between a catamite and a gay person. That’s the most disrespectful part of their angry and misplaced dialogue. If I was a gay person, I would probably want to shake my head in disgust that the two angry dissenters just compared me to a pederast. I certainly didn’t interpret that today’s post was comparing the Creighton players to homosexuals. Would you have preferred that he called the Creighton player a “G_ddam motherf–ker?” Or would you still get angry and cite to his taking of the Lord’s name in vain and his disrespect of child bearing women?
    Setting aside their fundamental lack of understanding for the English language, these two women (I presume Jackie is a woman) just don’t get basketball and the fury created in the Carolina fan base from the hard fouls and subsequent injury at the dirty hands of those unsavory types from Creighton. At the beginning of the season, Carolina was picked to win the whole thing this year. After an inauspicious start and a bad loss to Duke, the Tar Heels started playing some of the most inspired basketball of the year. This inspired play was AFTER the starting #2 guard was injured after suffering a freak ACL tear. This was also after the #1 reserve ruptured an Achilles tendon before the season even started. This was also after the starting power forward and ACC defensive player of the year was injured by another thoughtless, thuggish player during the meaningless ACC Tournament.
    As Carolina fans, we’ve had enough of the bush league play. Tammy O and Jackie, you’ve taken your interpretation of GFWD’s email and Ian’s blog and come up with conclusions that are both unfair and flat out erroneous. I guess maybe Creighton isn’t the only place where one can find bush league people who don’t play by the rules. Note that I didn’t call you two little punk bitches . . . but I am certain you will interpret it that way.
    Ian and GFWD, come defend yourselves. I’m tried of these two ignorant posters giving you unfair body shots.

  14. Lindsay

    Tammy, I know you are not trying to bash Greg. You are both off-the-charts good people, and you both get the presumption of good intent from me. And your point, is of course, valid.
    But people say dumb shit, especially me. It feels rotten to have that dumb shit become the jumping-off point for a larger debate, even when the debate itself is valid. That’s my only point.
    Ian confirmed what I edited out of my post, which was a suspicion that he didn’t agree to have this email published in the first place. I think the more interesting issue here is now one about privacy.

  15. Jonathan

    Having read this whole thread, I think another valid issue is the ways that people respond when someone does challenge the terms we use in these contexts. ProfSmith writes “(as well as likely making people come to view you as you see yourself).” I’m pretty sure that’s an attempt to call Tammy and Jackie bitches. There’s a level of outrage in a few of the responses to what Tammy and Jackie wrote that seems meant to intimidate and silence. I find that really troubling.

  16. Lindsay

    Jon, I hope you don’t mean my response.
    I think part of the problem with “some of the replies” is that a friend of Ian’s linked this to the “political board” on InsideCarolina. The audience is now potentially much larger, and might contain some people with extreme opinions who are used to anonymous, no-holds-barred anonymous internet battles.

  17. tomcat

    Hey Ian – you and your buddies got me so riled up i just had to make a call out west, and left scathing non-anonymous voicemail for Cretin’s athletic director (and bball coach). doubt they’ll call back (or visit) but will be ready to discuss if they do. (See below if you want to follow up.) will keep you posted.
    see you in brooklyn!! celeste and i will be short bike ride away.
    Tcat (tom foster)
    Athletic Departments Men’s Sports Bruce Rasmussen, Director of Athletics 402-280-2720
    Mark Burgers, Associate Athletic Director 402-280-5561
    Kevin Sarver, Associate Athletic Director for External Operations 402-280-5810
    Steve Brace, Assistant Athletic Director for Internal Operations 402-280-2484
    Mike West, Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing 402-280-3498

  18. Scott

    I learned a new word today – catamite. I frankly “read over” the word the first time – essentially ascribing a meaning to it based on context. Then, because of some of the comments here I figured I needed to know what this word meant. Now that I know it – I have only one further comment. Any word that Cicero used as an insult seems like a pretty high-brow way to call someone a name. Points for elevating the word choice.

  19. kjf

    The attacks on the women who raised concerns about this language are shocking to me. I always found the comments on this blog to be thoughtful even if I disagreed with them. But today’s are shameful.

  20. Jonathan

    Lindsay–I didn’t mean your post no, sorry, though the totality of anger was shocking, and is even moreso now that the blocked posts have appeared.
    For those who have suggested that “catamite” refers to a pederast: it doesn’t. It originally referred to a boy who was kept for sexual purposes by an older man. It is used in contemporary English as a more general gay slur, based on the traditional homophobic assertions of homosexuality with both pedophilia and weakness.
    Similarly, “little bitch” DOES have a gender-based significance, *especially* when it’s used to insult a guy. Here, too, the insult is based on the idea that women are weak.
    For the record, I’m a huge UNC fan AND a UNC alum, as well as someone who played high-school basketball alongside several guys who went on to play D-I ball and one who spent the better part of a decade in the NBA. Disliking these terms doesn’t make anyone any less of a fan.

  21. jp

    I’m pretty fired up about the game, and the reaction to Tammy’s reaction, but what I really want to say is this:
    Tar Heel — two words people! Not Tarheel! Didn’t you all learn this at C-TOPS?

  22. Jackie

    I’ve been a fairly quiet reader of Ian since the famous Coastopia blog entry. I’ve probably written here four or five times.
    I like this blog very much even when, on occasion, I totally disagree with Ian. Most of the time I don’t feel a need to make a comment even when I disagree. It’s Ian’s blog and I’m clear he can say any thing he wants to and it’s my problem if I disagree.
    But I’ve got to tell you. The last few months haven’t left me feeling like I want to read mysoginist or homophobic remarks among people who I trust to not do that.
    And no, I don’t think that because a man got his hand fractured, however egregiously, that it makes sinking into that language okay. The world is full of really good insults you can draw on. Any number of animal names that you can combine with orifices to create a new name.
    I don’t have to stop and say “oh, today it’s okay for this to happen because bad things happened to the Tar Heels”. Because you know what? People read things like this and they read your comments. Then they read your increasingly antagonistic responses, increasingly misogynist, although the complexity of the vocabulary seem to have slowed down the homophobia. They read good liberals defending this language because somehow, if you don’t approve of this language you have become a Dook fan, and they say “see, I knew women were making too much of this shit”. Because it does matter what you say. Ian is one of the people who tell me that words matter. These words matter. And in a world where I look around and see women being attacked in every way, I’d like to know that a little corner of the universe stays sane.


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