maybe even write a sonnet


Speaking of how awesome women are, allow me to brag about three ladies for a second. Over the weekend, we went to Provo, UT – land of my forebears – so Tessa could compete in the adult ice skating sectionals. She competed in three events: light entertainment, dramatic, and free skate:


home of various Olympic events in 2002

The result? Well, first of all, tons of my aunts, uncles and cousins showed up to cheer her on, which cemented their awesomeness and made every other skater wonder how Tessa had so many supporters a thousand miles from where she lived:


As for Tessa, she won the bronze, silver AND gold in the three events. Which, if you ask me, is even cooler than two silvers and a gold. It’s a royal flush!


back in Venice a few days later, modeling the hardware

The Lulubeans got to spend time with some of her cousins, especially Phillip (Buffy’s son), who showed her the perfect afternoon: docile chicks who loved being handled:


And then she went into the recording studio to sing two songs my mom had written for two different upcoming children’s albums. At 6, she’s the youngest singer they’ve ever used, and given my mom’s body o’ work, that’s saying something. I don’t think I can adequately express what ecstasy it was to see Grandma Linda direct Lucy behind the mike, like a lifelong wish you didn’t know you had:



She actually sang on three songs, but I thought I’d include a little mp3 called “For My Valentine”. This is just a rough mix, with none of the vocal sweeteners, studio tricks, or even a real backing track, but it’s just so… I don’t know, I suppose I had the same reaction Sean did when he heard it: “god is in heaven and all is right with the world…”

For My Valentine.mp3

0 thoughts on “maybe even write a sonnet

  1. LFMD

    Congratulations, Tessa!
    Lucy’s song has cheered my grizzled heart! It is just what I needed on a Friday after a stressful week at the Insurance Job. Thank you.

  2. Salem's Little Sister

    Too angelic for words!! Her voice reminds me of the precious girl in Hook singing the song her mother sang to her. So much sweetness and heart.

  3. Bliss

    What a treat to share in the amazing talents of these two special ladies. I’m so impressed by both Lucy and Tessa. And how lovely of you Ian to be such a celebrant of them. It’s a precious cycle of love. xx

  4. Kelly

    Oh my, sweetness!! Love it, she has such nice tone and timing, great song too. Congrats Tessa, you’re inspirational that it’s not too late to participate in a sport competitively (she says as the squash racquet gets dusted off…).

  5. neva

    I have just wrapped up a week that was in the top ten of stressful so this was just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for all the good news!

  6. Salem

    Congratulations to Tessa on the big wins!
    What a beautiful moment with your Mom and Lucy. Do you just melt into the carpet when you watch that scene come together?


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