the number you have reached


Things I Miss:

• Pluto

• physical photographs

• Peter Sellers

• bulky landline telephones

• Squeeze

• King Vitaman


Things I Don’t Miss:

• the croup

• finger-shredding bottle cap pull-out soda dispensers

• the brontosaurus

• Ronald Reagan

• the Chevy Citation

• calling it a “blue sky meeting”

• gum on the pay phone

• Charo


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  1. kent

    Note: I loved those old coke machines where you had to drag a bottle around a serpentine path, and drag it out after depositing a dime. A bottle of 7UP from one of those on a hot day was heaven.
    I miss:
    Pay Phones
    People flashing Peace Signs, unironically.
    30 cent Gallons of gas
    Walter Cronkite
    Life Magazine
    New Beatles albums coming out
    Bay Area Top 40 Radio circa 1967
    I don’t miss:
    Ronald Reagan
    Richard Nixon
    Overt, institutionalized and personal Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia
    AIDS before polydrug regimens
    Coked up real estate brokers in white jeans and puka shell beads trying to get over on girls in discos.
    People smoking everywhere — restaurants, buses, hospitals, bars.
    What I wish would go away:
    Fossil Fuel Energy Economy
    Covert, institutionalized and personal Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia
    War profiteering
    Amoral corporate governance
    Usurious credit cards
    Fraudulent advertising

  2. Scott

    Lazy afternoons
    Bags of potato chips that were actually full to the top when you bought them, not 55% air.
    Whole milk
    Don’t miss:
    Threat of impending nuclear war
    Members Only jackets
    Bush I and II
    Relying on the radio for new music

  3. wottop

    Taking a nap on the bleachers in Kenan after class.
    Calvin and Hobbes.
    Sleeping late and not feeling guilty about all the things I really should be doing.
    Dean Smith pressers
    ’70s and ’80s fashion.
    ’75 through ’89 cars from Detroit.
    W ‘The President’
    The need to cuss in PG movies. My Cousin Vinny is amazing to watch unedited.

  4. emma

    vanilla cokes from Jeff’s Confectionary
    Oat Flakes
    sleeping in
    going to movies and concerts at the drop of a hat
    road trips
    Don’t miss:
    giving plasma at Sera-Tec
    final exams
    feeling out of shape and hungover all the time
    living from paycheck to paycheck

  5. once a heel

    Things I miss –
    Playing for hours each day, unsupervised, with other neighborhood kids (my kids really miss out compared to my generation)
    Sleeping in
    Customer service
    Going to public places without being bombarded by everyone’s cell phone conversations
    Being the most knowledgeable one in my household when it comes to understanding latest technology
    A photographic memory
    Information NOT being confused for knowledge
    Things I don’t miss –
    Recording on VHS
    Buying a whole album just to get 1 song
    Newspaper print on my fingers (though I do miss actual reporting)
    Writing without spellcheck
    A sense of self-worth defined by impossible media ideals (ahh, who am I kidding…)

  6. ally

    I miss:
    handwritten letters
    liner notes
    unmediated politicians
    I don’t miss:
    chamber pots
    trans fats
    belted sanitary napkins

  7. karin

    –Things I miss–
    Summer evenings from childhood – in the younger years, it was neighborhood wide games of Kick the Can and HORSE; as a teen, it was languid drives in a shitty car blasting the Smiths and drinking our weight in Slurpees.
    The excitement of learning something brand new in college – I don’t have that feeling very often as an adult. – customized makeup. I’ve never since found the perfect shade of lipstick, grrrr.
    Family and friends who have spread out over the years.
    –Things I don’t miss–
    Anxiety from my 20s. Thank you Lexapro and the passage of time.

  8. Bob

    Wait–Joe Biden was King Vitaman? Cool!
    – Bill Clinton (Yeah, he lied under oath about sex. Heavens!)
    – Driving all day on a few bucks worth of gas, without the slightest concern that I was helping destroy the planet.
    Don’t miss:
    – Reagan
    – Dick Cheney and sidekick.
    – The Cold War, and nuclear arsenals on a hair trigger. (If they’re still on a hair trigger, don’t tell me.)
    – Thinking about something I’d like to find out, then realizing there was only a 10% chance that a trip to the library would yield the answer.

  9. Ian

    These are excellent!
    If nobody minds, I’m keeping it up another day – a little disillusioned by Sunday, if’n y’all know what I mean.

  10. Neva

    Never having to worry about what’s for dinner
    Days with no plans or schedule
    Being responsible for only myself
    Spring Break, Winter Break, Summer Break
    Having friends who were right across the hall
    Receiving mixed tapes
    Troll’s (not just the location but the experience)
    Grilled steak
    Pain free joints
    TV shows that everyone watched at the same time/day and discussed the next morning
    Going to movies
    Shopping just for fun
    Wearing cute shoes without pain
    Sleeping as late as you wanted
    Do not miss:
    Frat boys
    Wondering if I’ll ever get married, have kids, etc.
    Making mixed tapes
    Worrying about how to pay for things
    Talking on the telephone
    Stressing over my hair and clothes
    Feeling like my life had no purpose

  11. Funky Heel

    Thinking (and acting like) Wednesday was the beginning of the weekend
    Chapel Hill in the Spring
    Being able to sleep in
    My Carolina athletic card
    Tru-ade and Brownie in glass bottles
    the Clinton Era
    Not going pro until finishing at least Junior year
    Hector’s and Trolls
    Milk delivery
    A liberal Supreme Court
    A better metabolism
    Don’t Miss:
    Ronald Reagan
    Cheney or either Bush
    Most 80s fashions
    Pine St.
    The S shuttle
    Stressing over grades
    Living on South Campus


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