oh, those golden grahams


Tessa heads out for North Carolina early this morning, which means it’s sweeps week for the Lucy & Daddo Show®! We DO WHAT WE WANT WHEN WE WANT until FRIDAY!


Breakfast: Pancakes with syrup (and syrup)

Elevenses: Boo-Berry

Lunch: french fries

Tea time: pizza middles and donuts

Dinner: cookie dough

hits include:

• leaving wet towels on wood furniture

• ironing grilled cheese sandwiches “Mr. Mom”-style

• opening new cans of tennis balls purely for the sound

• “Pit Bulls and Parolees” marathon

• taking a bite out of each See’s Candy and putting it back in the box

• leaving fridge door open while playing the Wii

• many games of “What Happens If” and not cleaning it up

So if we don’t answer the phone it’s because WE CAN’T FIND IT UNDER THE LAUNDRY and we don’t want to talk to you UNLESS YOU’RE REALLY FUN AND WON’T JUDGE US.

Haters gonna hate!

High five, heel-click and FREEZE FRAME!!!

0 thoughts on “oh, those golden grahams

  1. TammyO

    Boo Berry is for amateurs. Franken Berry – now THAT’s a sugar cereal: it’s basically mainlining Crunch berries, Lucky Charms marshmallows and Strawberry Qwik for breakfast. Get in there, Williams!

  2. Sean

    god, I wish finding the phone was that easy. We never know which pile of laundry to look under. Or which pile is dirty…

  3. Salem

    Get Excited! I think the smell of opening a new can of tennis balls is equally satisfying as the soun. I haven’t opened a can of tennis balls since 1982 at my Grandad’s and I can smell those fresh balls (pardon) right now. :)

  4. erica

    huh. Maybe it’s different when you are the mom at home with the kids while daddo is away. All I can think of is getting through the myriad of activities this week. That and maybe letting the dog sleep in the bed instead of the hubby…


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