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May 2008

I don’t think many families have mastered the art of the Video Chat for Video Chat’s Sake like we have – pretty much since the day it came standard on a Mac laptop, we’ve been yapping at each other with terrible lighting and dubious sound quality for an average of 15 minutes too long each time.


Lucy, especially, has grown up with the video chat being de rigeur when either Tessa or I happen to be away, which is a fair amount. I like to take a screenshot when we do them, which means a lot of pictures like the ones attached to this blog entry.


January 2010

The very idea of seeing the person you’re talking to – while considered “magic” to those of us raised on rotary landlines – is so second-nature to Lucy that she will leave the room for minutes at a time, abandoning me to a still life of her carpet, with the goddamn dog passing through every once in a while.

But this casualness belies her strong desire to have us all together… and when I got waylaid by this lower GI nightmare and had to stay in NYC, she was Not Happy™. And if you know her, you know she rarely has, um, unexpressed emotions.

Lucy occasionally goes on these kicks when she calls various extended family members at all hours, eyes lit up like a teenager with car keys. As I’ve spent the last few nights recovering, I’ve been the recipient of a few choice ones. Because they are so unbelievably sweet, Tessa thought I should post the last three voicemails Lucy has left me.

1st Voicemail from Lucy 5-30-12.mp3

2nd Voicemail from Lucy 5-31-12.mp3

3rd Voicemail from Lucy 5-31-12.mp3

Oh, my, god. It’s almost painful what it does to my heart. And my “butt boo-boo”. What could anyone possibly say to that? Boarding pass… take me to my daughter! NOW!


0 thoughts on “it won’t be long

  1. killian

    Too Beautiful. Hope you get home to your sweet grrrls SOOON. Safe travels on your way to wellness! <3

  2. MN

    Daddo, I hope you are home for all of our sakes. I could not listen to another message without weeping. The blog title should be “Feel like crying: Listen here.”

  3. karl

    Oh lord. That’s your kryptonite. You better make sure she doesn’t develop a taste for expensive things.

  4. ginat

    Lord have mercy! That last one was a killer! My child has rarely been separated from me. I wonder what he would say (almost 10)…


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