aloha, mr. hand


Sometimes I feel the need to give a little micro-update on our present circumstances so that later iterations of ourselves look back on these months, they will get a sense of what the hell was going on. So, future selves, here it is:

• On Friday, Tessa will be going to Kailua, Hawaii to work with Stasia and her husband Jim.

• On Sunday, the Lulubeans and I will be following them, bringing along the effervescently awesome Amy Heidt and the consistently soul-divinin’ Seth Shelden.

• Why, you may ask? Because we are shooting a short film – an adventure comedy set in Honolulu and places therewith. I helped write it with Tessa (who is directing); Seth, Amy and a bunch of amazing actors will be performing; and Stasia’s husband Jim will be director of photography. Stasia herself is producing, and much of the crew comes from the smooth-like-butter set of “Hawaii 5-0”.

• Hawaiian Air is one of our sponsors!

• I will be filming a “behind the scenes” movie about the production, and will actually be on camera, which as most of you know, I have avoided for several decades. But this particular idea requires it.

• We’ll be back in 12 days, spend one day in LA, then fly to New York for the summer. We’ve got people staying at our house, so potential burglars FUCK OFF!

• Any questions? I know this is a lot to throw at you, but I thought you could handle it.

• Please. Please don’t say that.

• Of course I care. What makes you think I don’t?

• Look, I realize this brings up some hot-button issues. I wasn’t trying to-

• You’re actually going there, are you? So now we’re allowed to say things like that to each other?

• WHAT?!? Look, when are you gonna get it through your head that NOT EVERYTHING IS ALL ABOUT YOU?



image courtesy of Landsat 7 Science Team

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