the tea leaves augur greatness


Okay, motherscratchers! Less than 100 days. We’ve done the Election Prediction thing in past years to great success, but this year we’ll keep it simple.

In the comments section below, put the man you think will win the presidential election, and by how many percentage points (in the popular vote) to the nearest tenth.

To give you some perspective-


Obama 52.9%

McCain 45.7%


Bush 50.7%

Kerry 48.3% (I forgot it was that close)


Bush 47.9%

Gore 48.4% (typing that made me fucking nauseous)

Anyway, the person closest to the actual outcome will get FUJI APPLES FROM MY GARDEN overnighted to them (if the Fujis are ripe before we leave the farm) OR a NICE GIFT BASKET OF THE FIRST FRUIT TO RIPEN IN OUR ORCHARD NEXT YEAR!!!


Tell me that isn’t awesome! Prognosticate away…

[TUES. UPDATE… leaving this up for another day for a few more people who couldn’t comment on Monday – one of whom is so sure he’s going to win that he said he’d already bought the pie crusts for the fruit I supposedly shall be sending him. Which now has me wondering if Pluot Pie has ever been attempted. – ed.]

17 thoughts on “the tea leaves augur greatness

  1. Paul G

    Obama 51.9%
    Romney 46.7%
    Really close to ’08 I feel.
    P.S. Airplay Mac desktop mirroring is awesome with Mountain Lion.

  2. T.J.

    Obama 47.7%
    Romney 47.0%
    Gary Johnson 4.9%
    Gotta give some love to the only candidate who will stop the spying, violations of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, overseas wars, the War on Drugs, ridiculous military spending, and occupations of other countries. Holla!

  3. tregen

    hard to say but I’ll give it to Romney at this point… too bad.
    Romney – 50
    Obama – 48
    But the electoral vote will not be as close.

  4. GFWD

    Can I partially hijack and get some input from the usually learned and passionate folks here what they think about Obama’s recent mantra of telling successful business people or rich people that they did not do it on their own and, assuming you were a fan and a small business owner, how that made you feel.
    Polite discourse, please.

  5. SWF

    Obama – 49.7%
    Romney – 48.1%
    At least that’s what I wrote intiially, then scanned the answers already given and saw that TPQ had written. But then I looked more closely – it’s the oppsite result. So, I’m sticking with my initial gut.

  6. SWF

    My last post sounds like it was written by an illiterate person. I was rushing out the door for lunch, and didn’t take the time to proofread. Not sure why I am apologizing to complete strangers, but there it is.

  7. pathetic loner

    Obama by 1% unless the current voter suppression stuff works, in which case it could be Romney by that much.

  8. wottop

    GWFD: Maybe the folks that heard “we’re all in this toghether” will overcome the one’s you speak of.
    Romney: 49.3
    Obama: 47.9
    At least the bankers can live well again!

  9. leimodnu

    Obama 54.7%
    Willard 44.6%
    And, ahead of tomorrow’s topic, no one is successful by themselves. We succeed as a community together, not as disparate individuals. (and the cult of the individual is waaaay over-rated)


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