breaker one-nine, can i get a radio check


So maybe I accidentally inhaled a batch of black mold and now I’m back to a massive post-surgery sinus and throat infection. So maybe I have a temperature of 100º during the summer.

So maybe I tried to invite seven guy friends to go fishing a few weeks ago, and not only did nobody say “sure”, nobody even responded. So maybe Facebook has cannibalized so much of the old xtcian discussion audience that it’s only a matter of time before I’m sitting here drinking my own piss.

But playing Words With Friends today with an old buddy, I imparted this gem to the online gaming experience:


Screw those WWF and Scrabble setups that get you oxyphenbutazone. This was between two dogged opponents, rocking the board the best they can, so fuck it… I’ll always have “squelch”.


0 thoughts on “breaker one-nine, can i get a radio check

  1. tregen

    nice. I believe that is the biggest score I’ve ever seen…online or not…
    BTW, I suggest a private charter out to the Pacific side of San Clemente island…. beautiful place, amazing wildlife, great fishing.

  2. T.J.

    Very nice! Gotta say, though, you had a pretty lucky rack: The Q AND the U, along with an S and BOTH blanks. Helpful, but 155 is awesome anyway.
    I’m not sure how that scores 155, BTW. I see 111 for SQUELCH and 9 for SCADS, or 120. What am I missing for the other 35?

  3. Ian

    Truly, in WWF (as with Scrabble), “gimme both blanks and I’ll show you the world.”
    I didn’t check to see how it was 155. The “Q” was also on a triple letter score, does that do it?

  4. Lara

    Very nice! I agree the game is much more fun (and satisfying) when neither party is cheating with the word generators. Though I do admit to guessing once in a while if it sounds like it should be a word. They should change the app so that you lose your turn if you guess and it’s wrong. True people could just check it online first, but I think there are enough people like me who wouldn’t take that extra step because then it would REALLY be cheating.

  5. noj

    ‘squelch’. niiiiiiiice.
    also reminds me i have yet to concede in our last game. alas, i cannot make a word. will do that now.

  6. T.J.

    The Q is worth 90 points on its own. I just can’t figure out the rest. Not trying to harsh your mellow, though.

  7. jon

    @TJ: I’m guessing the remaining score is a bonus for using all 7 tiles. I haven’t played WWF, but I assume that, like Scrabble, there would be a bonus for just such a thing?

  8. Katie in NC

    Not that you invited me fishing, but you can count on me not to let you drink your piss alone.. I’ll still be here, lurking away, agreeing with everything you say about FB and how it has knackered communication for a generation.
    And.. I stopped playing scrabble with any passion in 1981 when my then 8 year old little brother dropped SPHINX on my ass. I believe weeping occurred.


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