the soft bigotry of hot donuts now


Well? What did y’all thing of the Democratic National Convention? How’s about Michelle Obama? Clinton? The Prez?

Any of you Charlottans go, or did you avoid uptown entirely?

Feel free to be relentlessly positive, grumpily negative, and exceed the usual space allotted to FB responses, ‘cuz I’d like to know if this might have changed anything.


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  1. Salem

    I don’t know how anyone could have heard Michelle and Bubba, and not vote for President Obama, but I do know how so many Americans prefer their demogogues to their due diligence. That scares the shit out of me.
    Uptown was fun last night just walking around with Lillie-Anne. Traffic was effortless. The law enforcement presence was like nothing I have ever seen, but they were all relaxed and in a good mood. Maybe I’m getting old, but they added to the fun. On horses, on mountain bikes, on dirt bikes, on Harleys, in crowd control 4 wheelers, it was a tactical Shriner’s parade.
    BTW, the Rev Al Sharpton makes Prince look like Andre the Giant. He now has the body of a 9 year old girl with a big crypt keeper head.

  2. kent

    I think that the convention did for me what it was intended to — re-ignite the enthusiasm for the President that we had before the events of the last four years dashed some of our more unrealistic expectations. Michelle, Clinton, and Obama were great.
    I thought Biden was pretty good too, but he’s not the public speaker they are. Of course what Biden has going for him is great sincerity. He may stumble over his phraseology, but you never get the feeling he’s doing anything other than talking to you, the same way he’d talk to you over coffee.
    And I don’t think it will make any difference whatsoever to people who don’t like the President. They are unreachable. As for the much-pursued ‘undecided voters’ I don’t think they really exist. I think most of the swing states will be decided within the margin of polling error.

  3. jje

    Hey! It’s Charlotteans, thank you very much! Or was that an intentional slight? ;-)
    Even though it wasn’t my party shindig (don’t hate me – all my best friends are are the liberal elite ;-), I was proud to have my city on display. Despite the rain, I think a good time was had by all in the Queen City. Diane Sawyer loved us (and our fried chicken), the former DNC Chair wished we were the permanent site:
    We avoided the Uptown mostly because we didn’t want to deal with the crowds, transportation, and crazy weather with two little kids. But tons of my friends were up there for CarolinaFest, the Presidential Experience (which looked really nifty based on the pics in my FB feed), and the big draw, The Jon Stewart Show filmed at our great children’s library.
    I think those of us in my neighborhood of Dilworth thought our lives were going to be much more disrupted, but other than my husband working from home all week and my kids being out of school yesterday (our Catholic school system made the call based on some concerns), it was business as usual around here.
    I heard from pals that the airport experience at CLT was so friendly that they were worried staff would follow them into the bathroom and offer to help!

  4. kevin from NC

    It was great to hear ole Willie of his best ever speeches and he went to the mat for Obama and gave him everything he could. He was able to frame the dems argument like no one else has been. I am more excited about the prospects of Obama being re-elected than I was but at the same time there is a strong GOP wave here in NC and does not look likely to relent for some time.
    I thought Obama’s speech was average….for him. I was hoping for a speech that better leveraged Clinton’s speech but at the same time that would be a tall task.
    It is going to be a long 60 days.

  5. Claverack Weekender

    Michelle’s performance was almost perfect, I took a few points off for overusing the affected emotional folksiness. Bubba still has the magic. It surprises me that there are so few people in the world that can give a speech like that. If you haven’t read the article on Atlantic Wire on what Bill wrote vs. what he said you should. I was disappointed by O, was hoping for more…

  6. Tammy O.

    I found all the passionate conversation about human rights deeply satisfying. To see the Democratic party actually own healthcare reform, the DREAM Act, gay rights, women’s reproductive rights — it signals that this party is back to being on the right side of history on these issues. That matters to me deeply.

  7. Alyson

    I agree with Tammy O. It was great to see all those issues at the forefront and articulated so beautifully and sensibly.
    I thought they all came to play, and I appreciated that. No one phoned it in, and everyone seemed ready to engage in order to get the votes. It was a nice change from the Democratic Party of 2000, 2004, and, to some extent, 2008, when everyone seemed to think that they were above explaining why they were better. Everyone jumped into the fray in the best possible way.
    And Clinton was the best tv I’ve seen all year.

  8. Chuck B.

    Like many here, I think the DNC achieved its goal to stoke up more passionate enthusiasm for Obama. I also enjoyed Bubba and Michelle very much, although I found Elizabeth Warren quite tiresome.
    What I cannot STAND, however, are the transparent, condescending attempts to “humanize” the issues by talking about specific individuals. The housewife I met in Duluth, the laid-off truckdriver in Tuscon, the parent of a special needs kid in Allentown. I felt like they were trying so hard to mention every possible achitype in the hope that one of them would resonate with viewers. It was so calculating and insulting that they thought that’s what we needed to hear in order to connect with the issues.
    Can we please stop talking about the individual little people and start talking about the big abstract concepts that matter? We are big boys and girls; we can handle it.

  9. Piglet

    I came close to ignoring both conventions, but turned it on on Tuesday mostly out of habit.
    I’m glad I did. They hit it out of the park all three nights and made me feel like, just maybe, everyhhing could turn out all right for America after all, if only we eliminated the Republican Party as a political force and replaced it with one to the left of the Democrats.
    And I want Sandra Fluke to be elected Congresswoman from wherever she resides, and to hear the screams of terror from the wrinkly old white guys who locked her out before, when she takes her place on the bench with them.


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