runnin’ wild and lookin’ pretty


What’s that I hear? You want another BORING TIME-LAPSE VIDEO? Even more boring than the one I gave you in May???

Well, if you insist. I set my time-lapse camera up on the hill, once again to capture the majestic sweep of summer’s verdant miracle. And this time, not only was it was pointed at the fruit trees maturing into their first year, but also a set of contest-winning pumpkin seeds planted in the foreground.

Watch… And Wonder… How Nothing Happens™!!!

“I thought the original Winter 2012 time-lapse was dull, but this was positively soporific. Truly spellbinding!” – Houston Chronicle

“A forbidden glance into nature at its most nondescript” – Smithsonian Magazine

“Green turns to green with only the occasional rainstorm to break the tedium in this award-losing 10-second testament to existential nothingness.” – Cedar Rapids Gazette

0 thoughts on “runnin’ wild and lookin’ pretty

  1. Ehren

    I like how that one tree in the background stays dead the entire run-time of the film. Such a powerful rebuttal to the teeming insanity of the natural world exploding around it.

  2. Ian

    Ah, Ehren, but if you look closely, a dead tree actually falls over after a rainstorm and slices through the fence and into the vegetable garden. A very important 12-13 pixels right there.
    Killian, our li’l trees are only a year or two old, so some of them will start fruiting next year. This summer was their innocent pre-pubescence.

  3. Bob

    It is one thing to promise boring, and another to deliver. Well done, sir.
    Might I suggest for your next effort that you aim the camera down Warren Street in Hudson?


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