one of your chair moisteners from sector 7-G


A deceptively easy and confusingly hard question for you lot.

Put simply, were you psyched about going to work today? Or if you need more general terms, was today something to be excited for, to be tolerated, to be vaguely numb about, or to be completely dreaded?

Those unable to speak freely, please use your anonymous animals!


anonymous ocelots

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19 thoughts on “one of your chair moisteners from sector 7-G

  1. Sarah

    Oh hell no. My company moved in June to a city about 3 hours away. I am desperately trying to find a job in my current city so that I don’t have to move and start over (single!) at 35. So every Monday morning I get up at 5am to make the drive up there. I suppose I should be happy to have a job, but I’m really not happy about the situation.

  2. Dawson

    Completely excited! I’m starting our US training program in London. Met the class today and it’s going to go great… and I get to spend weekends knocking around Europe. Pretty cool. (And yes, I put in a lot of not-so-excited Mondays to get here).
    Thought for the day: “Enjoy it while it lasts!”

  3. kevin from NC

    I’m okay with it today. It helps I got a lot of rest and sleep this weekend coupled with adventure. My job runs in cycles.. sometimes it is really good and others, not so much. Right now it is one of those good times.
    At my stage in life, work is just something I do so I can do all that other stuff. Not sure anything would get me too excited to go.

  4. SWF

    I was excited to come to work today – maybe even a touch anxious. I have a new subordinate employee starting today, which should provide immense relief to my stress level, but introduces a new and different kind of stress.

  5. Jackie

    Excited. We’re working on a way to change everything we do. Seeing it all with new eyes and making something smarter. I love it.

  6. Mindy

    tolerated today. But it’s really not the job that’s the problem. the job is fine; it’s the combination of the job, the kids, the commute, the house that’s the problem. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all well and on any given day I feel like a complete failure at at least one of them.

  7. noj

    not psyched at all, just wasting time at job until i leave in two weeks to start a new venture which i will be very excited about on a daily basis.

  8. michelle

    Not super excited, per say, but relieved to have gotten a decent night’s sleep after a packed weekend of fun for my son. I never really dread going to this job. Mostly I hate saying goodbye to my son in the mornings, and then I miss him most of the day, but my job engages me intellectually in a way that I’m able to be really present when I’m there. I count myself incredibly fortunate as I watch my husband drag his feet five mornings a week, and come home either defeated and sour or, sometimes, outright angry. It’s no way to live.

  9. Julie

    For the most part I tolerate to like my job. Monday’s are usually tolerated to numb just from the fact that Sunday nights are swamped with “getting ready for Monday” events that I usually go to bed way too late.
    Of late, though, it has been more difficult. I still haven’t caught up from my vacation one month ago and seeing, that I am the only one in my position, it will be difficult to do. In addition, the financial markets have turned around enough that the forward pipeline of new deals will reach all-time highs and will stretch me even further. But with all the cost containment measures of the last few years there is no thought to hiring an additional person. So it will be rough between now and the end of the year.

  10. CM

    Your timing is hilarious because I took today off to do the bulk of the work on a freelance magazine article I’m writing. So, I took off work to do…more work. If I’d had the day to play with my kids, work on a novel, work on a screenplay, or get to all the other tasks I have to get to, I’d have been very excited. But I was still kinda happy to not get dressed in work attire.
    In general, I have a job where people aren’t staring at me, I have an office rather than a cubicle (thus, privacy), I get to edit people’s writing, I can make a difference, and most of what I do involves writing on some level. So I like my job, although I’d rather do whatever I wanted with my day. I think the biggest factor in liking one’s job is the freedom you get. If I need to spend a few minutes writing a poem I just thought of, no one’s gonna yell at me, and if I’m having a rough time, I can close my office door and cry. I have so much respect for teachers, for example, because they have no privacy for much of the day.
    I have a few days coming up later this year that I’ve taken off so I can focus on a novel that I’ve wanted to get to in a while. I’m lookin’ forward to it.

  11. Jes

    What a day for this question. Today is my last day at the company where I’ve worked for the past 17(!) years. I don’t even know how to describe what it feels like to leave that behind. It’s complicated, I guess.
    Mostly though, I’m excited, because tomorrow I can start working on my own company full-time. Whew!

  12. LFMD

    Ugh. I don’t even want to talk about it.
    However. . . . can someone explain to me why Holden Thorp just sent me a (mass) email stating that he is quitting as Chancellor?? What happened over there? He is a wonderful person, one of “us”, and I had high hopes for him once he was named Chancellor. Ian – please enlighten me! I don’t read the DTH anymore, but I was stunned to get this email.

  13. Neva

    I like my job but don’t like many of the people there. Not sure how to answer the question exactly.
    LFMD. Thorp was getting lots or pressure to quit for a while now b/c of all the scandals but this last one (Hansbrough’s Mom with the free trips) was just the last straw. I don’t think he was truly responsible for any of it but sometimes someone has to pay the price. I think it will help UNC start over again so to speak..

  14. Caitlin

    I love my job. Sure, there’s always a component of boredom, repetition, and office politics — no matter where you work or what you do, there’s a routine eventually — but my job is intellectually engaging, often challenging, requires all my skills, and feels more like a calling than a career.

  15. emma

    I can’t say that I love my job, but I really do like it. I like the people that I work with. I especially love my hours. The work is not as challenging as it was in private practice, but I still have to think. I am going to reach my five year anniversary next month and it is funny you asked the question yesterday, because yesterday I was starting a two day back to back court days, something I have not had to do before and I was kind of dreading it, but yesterday went really smoothly. Now just got to get through today and it will almost be my weekend!
    Also, I got this text yesterday from a fellow lawyer that made my day “So I was thinking about this after I left ocurt last Tuesday – I know I give you a hard time about things, but you should know how great it is working with you. Your level headed, fair and reasonable approach to handling matters makes work so much more bearable. In all honestyif more lawyers carried themselves the way you do, we’d all be better for it. I know that probably seems out of nowhere but as someone who practices in just about every court with other groups of attorneys (DAs, etc) they could all learn something from watching you work.”

  16. ally

    I have recently escaped from a job that has been making my life miserable. My boss is a brilliant but emotionally abusive woman who has spends all her time weaving a web of deceit around herself and, in her own mind, everyone around her, and it has been both frustrating to experience and devastating to witness. Now I’m looking for new opportunties, but after years spent working for quirky entrepreneurs and some breathtakingly bad managers, wonder if maybe I should stick to working for myself.

  17. jje

    SAHM – best job in the world, though not without its challenges and frustrations. I wear a lot of different hats every day in running our little guys’ lives and our home. On top of that, I’m one of “those moms” who volunteers for just about everything at our school in addition to being on the PTO board. I’m also a regular volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House, so I consider that part of my job as well.
    I’m grateful that my husband works hard to provide for our family in the macro sense, but I take a lot of pride in making sure all the micro stuff (he may or may not know about) gets done, too.

  18. Katie in NC

    Answering for Monday? – I was apprehensive about a conversation with my boss telling her that I am leaving her in the lurch to pursue a really great opportunity elsewhere in the same firm. I felt bad before I did it, horrible while I was doing it, but she was extremely gracious and I felt miles better afterwards.
    I’ve been with the same firm for 5+ years, and in a macro sense am hugely enthusiastic about the autonomy and respect I am given, the smart and funny people I get to work with every day, and the fact that I can work what is essentially a highly creative job but which is paid well with great benefits. I am also part of a massive corporation yet able do my piece of it entirely from my home. The downside is that my lovely creative job is for an industry that I would consider firmly on the dark side. You do what you gotta do. But it is no coincidence that I start every conversation about my career by talking about the 14 years of work I did in non profit management before I admit working for The Man.
    @LFMD and Neva – he was getting pressure over scandals, but there is a larger and much more concerning political landscape at play. A clean slate may come at a cost.

  19. heikewrites

    Mother of Leo: the most rewarding, amazing, challenging, difficult, wonderful, fulfilling, draining, annoying, funny, weird, important, astounding, revealing, interesting, responsibility-filled, never dull, demanding, emotional, enticing, dawn-to-dusk and dusk-to-dawn job of seemingly endless tasks and fun things to do and intelligent things to hear (and sometimes say) that i ever had or could have possibly imagined. i LOVE my job. it confused me in the beginning, just what was needed of me (everything. and then more!). but at this point, i’d trade it in for nothing. i love my job!


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