i declare a case of the vapors


I woke up last night at 4am with a migraine so bad that I had to use meditation techniques to stave off nausea. I had to go on the emergency headache meds, which found me lying in a dark room, trying to work on a laptop with the screen dimmed to almost zero Kelvin, until 2pm today.

So I’m not trying to be trenchant today, nor am I going to say something utterly original. But I feel a need to reiterate my previous position: anyone surprised by the behavior of Republicans, either clandestine or brassy, whether on a secret videotape or through a loudspeaker, clearly hasn’t been paying attention.

I’m confused as to which part of Mitt Romney’s 47 percent statements are novel, for him or for any other member of the GOP. Maureen Dowd wrote yesterday “We thought Romney was secretly moderate, but it turns out he’s secretly cruel…” Shit, I was saying this nine years ago!

GIGO, like my brother Steve said in the 1970s: garbage in, garbage out. Disgusting platforms make for disgusting candidates. Plants, not people, grow lushly from a diet of shit.



9 thoughts on “i declare a case of the vapors

  1. killian

    For a moment there I thought you were going for ROMNEY claiming a case of the vapors. Whew! I envy your ability to be trenchant AND drugged. Hope you are feeling better soon, and thanks for the killer last 2 sentences.

  2. Laura

    As a diasporic New Orleanian, I ran out of new loathing for the GOP in 2005. The motivations and true natures of that crew became painfully apparent. Once you’ve seen the abyss behind the mask, everything else is details and gossip.

  3. Lara

    Thank you for putting in to words what I have been thinking for the past few days: the only thing that surprised me about the ‘secret video’ story is that anyone was surprised by it. To me, it simply stated the recent (George W. and beyond) Republican platform honestly.

  4. Can't We All Just Get Along

    I think the Republicans have problems with the poster-children that even Democrats aren’t fans of either.
    As example, I spoke with a woman the other day who was volunteering at a crisis center for poor folks who need assistance. She told me about a mother who came in with five kids by three different fathers. My initial comment about this unmarried woman was, “does she not use birth control?” Five kids from men who aren’t married to her? I’m not judging her sexual activity at all. Republicans like to have sex, too. But use a condom or birth control.
    I think Democrats paint with such broad strokes when they circle the wagons to defend their perceived base, such that they unintentionally act like the NRA, who defend the right to bear arms whenever someone shoots up a theater.
    It’s okay to say that some things are ridiculous. I’ve got no sympathy for someone begging outside of a business with a Help Wanted sign in the window.
    You know why the Republican agenda carries so much traction with people–even socially conscious ones–because I’m writing this from work. I have to work hard and so does my partner. We pay taxes. We play by the rules. If you’re getting over because you’re poor and lazy, you get on my nerves. If you’re getting over because you’re taking advantage of loopholes and parking your money and the jobs your company creates in foreign countries, you get on my nerves, too, because I’m the engine that makes your limousine run.
    Life can be unfair and others may luck out to be born on third base. That’s fine. But you can still put forth the effort, regardless of where you come from. Whether it’s cleaning floors in a restaurant, picking up trash, cutting grass, or cleaning homes. I haven’t met a Republican leaning person who doesn’t have some compassion for those who are worse off financially but are busting their asses and trying.
    Unfortunately, our government doesn’t reward those working poor. It babysits the lazy and poor and does not incentivize the working poor. Some hard working parents bust their asses at low paying jobs and provide balanced meals for their kids, mandate homework gets done, and participate as they can, yet can’t make ends meet. That’s where government should do things to help.
    I want the playing field to be fair, and I can help someone get boots and even show them how to pull up on the bootstraps. I just don’t have the patience to keep doing it over and over for the same person time and time again. After a while, you need to fend for yourself. Mitt’s comments may not be great politically, but they speak to the way many people feel.
    After a while, when I pass the same panhandlers on my way to work, day after day, I tend to feel less and less compassion.
    I’d love to see a Democratic platform that addresses this and encourages folks to get off their asses.
    I’d love to see a Republican platform that, if serious about immigration and illegals, enforced penalties to their country club brethren who love Mexicans when they get cheap labor to do renovations or yard work, but hate the idea of illegals. If you’re against them so much, don’t continue to pay them under the table and don’t send your jobs overseas.
    Does that help or hurt your migraine?

  5. Big Scott

    @Can’t We All Just Get Along
    No offense, but it sounds like what you’re saying is that you’d love to see a Republican platform that looks nothing like the platform that the Republican party currently embraces.

  6. Schultz

    What Can’t We All Just Get Along said…..
    If Mitt Romney said “Most grass is green”, Mitt-haters would immediately launch the nukes attacking him for being racist towards winter bermuda.
    I still love reading this blog.

  7. Tessa

    The trouble with your thesis is that Republicans stand against birth control, sex education, abortion, and public health. And you can’t reasonably be opposed to those things and also hate the woman with five kids.
    Moreover, Mitt Romney and his fellow cohorts have NO IDEA how they are dripping with privilege. If you have ever spent any time working with the “working poor,” you can’t help but know that your life is absurdly blessed. Anything that we imagine comes from our own self-control or “personal responsibility” is the gift of support, education, and opportunity.

  8. SWF

    To CWAGA:
    There is a false premise in your argument – that Democrats are somehow in favor of supporting, indefinitely, the perpetually lazy. They aren’t/we aren’t.
    But our default is to cut someone some slack and generally not let the sins of the mother/father be attributed to the kids. This leads to some policies that have the unfortunate side effect of supporting, indefinitely, the perpetually lazy.
    But make no mistake, this is a bug, not a feature of the programs. The overarching goal is to help everyone reach their full potential, to allow hard-working individuals to move ahead both for themselves and their children, to open the doors of higher education to those not born on third base and to have a sane, humane approach to immigration.
    With all that said, do we support unemployment benefits running out at some point? Yes. Do we believe that even the working poor should pay some level of taxes? Yes (sales taxes).
    The biggest problem that I have with the Republican approach to these situations is that it is dickish and cruel, in an almost sadistic way. I get no pleasure from watching a family starve, from watching a homeless person shuffle by or a child wearing mis-matched clothes. And I get even less pleasure from saying “get a job” to someone down on their luck.

  9. Bluegrass girl

    To ‘Can’t We All Get Along’ -well said.
    I work in a University hospital where we take care of everyone-insurance or no insurance. A large portion of the patients we see are uninsured and on disability of some sort-some for attention deficit disorder/bad nerves /”inability to learn”/urinary incontinence etc. Many people deserve their disability status but a LARGE number don’t. The problem with this is that attorneys and judges-not doctors- are determining whether people qualify or not. The bigger Obama makes government-the less oversight there is on issues like his. I am a Republican -and I am not ashamed of it. I give every day to people who can’t pay for their services in and outside of my job. I am tired of being considered a racist. I have a black sister for God’s sake and if anyone is making people see race as an issue-it’s the president himself. I am racist against those who aren’t willing to work. Their is a Kroger next door where half of the employees have a physical disability and you couldn’t peel those happy people away from their job every day. They are happy-and proud. I see a patient who smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day, is on 15 meds because he doesn’t take care of himself, rolls into the office with three kids who don’t have the respect to get out of their pajamas and when I ask for his medication list his wife pulls out their IPAD with her freshly manicured nail tips. I am sick of it.
    And no-i don’t believe in abortion except for rape and cases of deformity. I don’t really care what other people do but i certainly don’t want to pay for it. I have many friends who have had abortions and are now left with eating disorders/addictions etc which they attribute to the guilt. People never talk about that-or how it haunts them when they do finally have a child of their own. Whatever your belief is-Idon’t have to support and pay for your decision. I don’t see why any of these beliefs make me unsympathetic and a Republican monster. If you drive someone somewhere their whole life they never learn how to get there on their own. That is the way I feel about repeatedly giving people aid that don’t qualify and are completely capable of working. I believe in helping people who are truly incompetent or giving them a boost until they can reach the next level but this is truly becoming a helpless society. in my state one out of five people are on disability in some counties and it just carries on and on. Nothing about this system makes America “great”-it makes us hopeless.

  10. Bob

    Bluegrass girl: “The bigger Obama makes government-the less oversight there is on issues like [t]his.”
    Without a sufficiently large government, where does the oversight come from? Insurance companies? We’ve tried that, and the results have been less than stellar.
    Ian’s comment on Romney’s “secret” character traits illustrates one of the central contradictions in the American psyche: we love conspiracy theories, but we’re disinclined to take notice of what’s right in front of us.


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