marbles gathered


FINE! So none of you cared about the Gettin’ Crap Done 7000™, the invention that’s gonna make me RICH RICH RICH?!?

WHATEVER! Like I care what YOU think.

Just for that, I’m going to Kauai. RIGHT NOW.



0 thoughts on “marbles gathered

  1. Amy S.

    I liked your invention–it’s just I… it’s like this, for example: when my brother-in-law came over last night to show me how to connect other computers to my wireless network (which he set up), he said, “OK, so you go to this address.”
    Me: “That’s just numbers.”
    Him: “Yep. You go here and click on–” (I walk away.)
    Me: “Keep talking. I’m listening. I just wanted to get an enchilada.”
    Him: “You go to Wireless, and then Wireless MAC Filter.”
    Me: “What if a friend comes over, and they want to connect, but they don’t have a Mac?”
    Him: “Doesn’t matter. MAC is not the same as Mac.”
    Me: (blank stare)
    Him: “Click here, and enter their MAC number.”
    Me: “Where’s that?”
    Him: “On an iPhone, it’s in About.”
    Me: “Where’s About?”
    Him: (blank stare)
    Me: “Maybe I’ll just call you every time I need to connect something.”
    Him: “Just call me.”

  2. killian

    Hey, now, no need to get huffy. I LOVE the Gettin’ Crap Done 7000™ and I would GLADLY pay you beaucoup bucks to have one in my house. I was just jealous. I’m pretty much with Amy S. ^ on the techno-geek scale; I halfway thought your explanation would actually help me, then I realized I just needed an enchilada and a BIL. Sigh. I have neither.

  3. Neva

    I loved your invention but once again you made me feel like I get nothing accomplished around here (here being home), which is pretty much true. I’m good at keeping up at work and staying on top of things there but at home I still have projects I’ve wanted to do since we moved in (2005) so when I see your incredible projects displayed oh so well here, I just feel worse about my curtains that were never bought, furniture I never decided on, carpets I never got cleaned, etc. etc..
    Inertia is much stronger here at home I think.

  4. Salem

    Love the GCD 7000! When I try to create that kind of solution, I spend 14hrs of joyfull discovery and configuring, only to get one third of the way there before life calls and doesn’t let go of me until the thought of re-immersing myself is unbearable.
    It would be easier for me if Lillie-Anne and I could just move in with y’all and share the GCD 7000.

  5. Hamp

    Are you really on Kauai? If so and you have a chance you should visit the Limahuli Garden on the North Shore. It’s right before Ke’e Beach so if you’re hiking the Kalalau Trail into the Napali Coast you can stop on your way home. Love it there.


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