one for the whigs


Today in Cute Kidz Politics…

Tessa and Lucy are hiking up the Na’Pali Coast, Tessa in front, Lucy keeping good pace for a 7-year-old. Out of nowhere, Lucy speaks.

LUCY: Why do the Republicans get the elephants?

TESSA: What do you mean?

LUCY: Their symbol. The elephant. How come they get the elephant?

TESSA: That’s the way it’s always been.

LUCY: And what is ours?

TESSA: You mean Democrats? It’s a donkey.

LUCY: (pause) A donkey?


Lucy mulls it over. It’s not horrible, but not entirely satisfactory either.

LUCY: I don’t like that they get the elephant. I love elephants. You know what their symbol should be?

TESSA: What?

LUCY: A rabbit hanging by its leg.

TESSA: A dead rabbit?

LUCY: No, but it’s hanging by a string from its leg. Then we can have the elephant.




0 thoughts on “one for the whigs

  1. LFMD

    When is Lucy going to start her own blog?
    Glad you hiked the Na Pali coast. Amazing, no? Although I kept falling in the red dirt. . . .

  2. Tarheel

    So did my 8 year old but it’s a little different. She said I am a good student and make all A’s because I work hard to get them. Another kid at my school who does not finish his assignments and plays instead of studying his spelling words gets a C. The Republicans would give me a A and him a C, since I worked hard to get my A. The Democrat would give us both C’s to redistribute the wealth.

  3. Tanya

    My 8 year old is blissfully unaware of politics (outside of what he’s learning in school, which is mostly about voting and civic responsibility). I don’t want to color his opinion by trying to explain it in my terms, and I would probably have to use a Star Wars analogy to make it stick for him. So, is Mitt Romney the Emperor or Darth Vader?

  4. Hana

    Every time I tune into one of your blog entries I feel so lucky to have met you and Tessa. And to have had a fleeting part in the amazing life of your little rockstar. Seriously. Lucy is easily the coolest kid I know. No contest!

  5. dob

    Romney is neither the Emperor nor Darth Vader. He bought out the contractor in charge of building the Death Star promising to cut costs and restore them to profitability. Following the original Death Star’s regrettable destruction due to an unprecedented, coordinated terrorist attack (in no way a result of bad design, cheap parts, or shoddy workmanship), he bought the company which was responsible for security and native relations on the forest moon of Endor.
    It’s a little known fact that his capital holding conglomerate also included the company awarded the contract for environment maintenance on the farming planet of Tattooine, the so-called breadbasket of the empire.

  6. Tarheel

    Funny I didnt think looks and race counted when you were adding, subtracting or spelling- the results are what thy are and you must go to way different school if your teachers change the grades. Still think my daughter nailed it about the democrats distribution of wealth concept. Please people are voting for Obama because he is giving away free phones….. So sad.


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